Despite numerous attempts to use international media and diplomatic connections to demonize PM Najib Razak, it was initially successful but over time everything is found to be unfounded. Not to mention, foreign media such as the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and Sarawak Report news portal and the opposition allies of countries such as Switzerland, America, and Australia, all were carrying news reports to discredit PM Najib and our nation that they were intentionally repeated.

What they have forgotten, not only Malaysians but the world community too has begun to doubt all their allegations when each and every charge was backed up by unidentified sources and unofficial statements. For instance, the US DoJ has tried to create a perception that MO1 in their statements to be PM Najib Razak but since then, they failed to make any legal prosecution against him.

The opposition pact acted to influence the Swiss parliament and even the Australian Prime Minister was instigated and not to mention how the giant international investors such as the Republic of China was fiercely demonized as though this giant is capable to seize the nation’s sovereignty. The Saudi Arabia royals are no exception from the evil scheme and in fact the most detestable to them.

To the extent, Dr Mahathir mocked King Saudi Arabia as a lunatic who is willing to grant personal donations to PM Najib but eventually when His Royal Highness visited Malaysia, Dr Mahathir could not even raise his head but fled away to Langkawi. Since then, he abstained from mentioning the donation.

Numerous attempts initiated by the rogue politicians to destroy the stability of our country particularly from the economic aspect. The motive is clear that if the economy is threatened, all at once, the political stability under the leadership of PM Najib will be severely affected and eventually it shall be too easy for Dr Mahathir and his opposition pact to incite the rakyat to the road to demand change in the government or perhaps a coup d’etat would take place.

Apparently, everything failed and their evil course is destroyed when the world bodies such as the World Bank, IMF and three credit rating agencies naming Standard & Poor’s (S & P), Moody’s and Fitch Group have given high recognition to PM Najib and his economic performances.

Hence, this is supported by an article written by the Chanel News Network or CNN in its article titled “Malaysia sets election date for May 9”, ending their comments with confidence that Barisan Nasional under PM Najib premiership will once again conquer the coming election. Compared to Dr Mahathir’s opposition pact, they will definitely be defeated as they are endlessly wrapped up in contention with each other.

The key factor that indeed awaits victory for Barisan Nasional and PM Najib Razak is the strong economic development. This is also supported by Bloomberg in their commentary titled “Stability Rules for Investors in Malaysia”. Bloomberg is aware of Malaysia GDP growth rate as well as last year economic growth of 5.9 percent whereby it is the best performance since 2014.

As much as claimed by Dr Mahathir and his opposition pact as though PM Najib has shamed the nation, who exactly has lost his touch with the world stage?

– pru14.tv

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