The Malays do not easily confuse and deceived Dr Mahahtir’s opposition pact decision to use PKR logo as a single logo for other party members which includeD AP, PAN and PPBM candidates in the coming GE14. Their intentions are very clear, the voters and in particular, the Malays need to be lured with their plot.A good reminder to the Malays was cited by Hew Kuan Yau or also known as “DAP Superman” and in his own words that DAP will indeed ride on Dr Mahathir to topple PM Najib that clearly shows to oust the Malay power will be done by another Malay that DAP now has owned the perfect blade that is Dr Mahathir.

No one could ever deny that DAP is indeed the actual Top Dog in the opposition pact even though illustrated to the public that Dr Mahathir is their captain. When PPBM has failed DAP for not abiding by their own constitution resulting to be dissolved, but Malay votes are precious to desperate DAP and everyone should be wise enough to question, why the Rocket was not chosen instead of PKR or even PAN logo?

For a simple answer, the Rocket represents the Chinese and their votes alone are insufficient to capture Putrajaya. Hence, the DAP Superman’s confession has always been true and now, Dr Mahathir is their best lackey to win the Malay votes for them. In other words, besides Dr Mahathir, the once claimed as ultra Malay and UMNO such as Muhyiddin and Mukhriz are now working hard to ensure DAP succeed in achieving their goals.

If we may recall, only DAP leaders lauded the Malay Tsunami and eventually, this is what is happening. DAP has recently named several Malay candidates, for
instance, Syefura or Rara who will contest representing DAP in Ketari while Tengku Zulpuri will be contesting the Raub parliamentary constituency. If DAP intends to use PKR logo, they should also have the respect to honour Wan Azizah as the party president to announce their candidates too. Did they?

The fact is, the Chinese Tsunami phenomenon has ended after its peak in 2013 and DAP remains failed even in their best effort to conquer Putrajaya just because they had low regards to the power of Malay voters in rural areas. On the contrary, UMNO in the last election has increased their parliamentary seats and remain dominant. Evidently, without the Malay votes, DAP’s ambitions remain stalled.

Thus, the PKR logo is only used by DAP as a patched symbol to deceive the Malays and our future should not be allowed to be chastised arbitrarily. If Dr Mahathir and Wan Azizah are unable to stop DAP’s malice, we could and we should on the polling day.

– pru14.tv

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