Everybody believes that the truth will always prevail even it may take a lifetime to surface. When 2 bombshells dropped within a day, a confession of Dr Mahathir’s London wealth and 30 years of injustice towards an innocent man to demonise Johor Royalties, he definitely owes 30 million rakyat a good explanation.As much as Dr Mahathir in need of a desperate move to be portrayed as a Virgin Mary by his allies in the troubled opposition pact, simultaneously, he also needs to prove he was not guilty and instantly clear himself from all accusations.

A once loyal family friend member claimed to have rewarded all sorts of luxury and privileges after helping save Dr Mahathir at the beginning of his involvement in politics in the days of Tunku Abdul Rahman. Today, the family is enjoying the prestigious lifestyle granted by Dr Mahathir after being appointed as the Prime Minister such as a two-storey apartment in London, vacations in Europe and rows of BMW vehicles.

The shocking part in his confession, he was given a bank account number in London with £65 million saving but the saving belongs to Dr Mahathir and not his late father’s. Imagine that was in 1987, just within 6 years Dr Mahathir have already earned so much. Even if Dr Mahathir earned RM10,000 a month as the Prime Minister in that year, he could only save less than a million within 6 years if his salary was untouched.

Therefore, those £65 million in the London bank, whose money is it anyway? Some claimed it was UMNO’s as that was the year when Dr Mahathir almost met his defeat to Ku Li and in the subsequent year, UMNO was declared deregistered. Many have questioned where have all UMNO property and wealth gone to? Was the handsome amount of money landed in London a coincidental?

Such disclosure is indeed disastrous to a clean politician such as Dr Mahathir and in particular to his opposition pact who desire to be portrayed clean as a hound’s tooth that is free from any wrongdoing. If it is not true, this can also be considered as libel to destroy Dr Mahathir’s politics, hence, he should not wait for any longer but to arrange for an immediate legal action.

The second bombshell dropped concerns Dr Mahathir’s greatness as a statesman which can be destroyed by a low-ranking army who went amok in Chow Kit for revolting against the late Sultan of Johor who was the then Yang Di Pertuan Agong, allegedly battered his brother to death. It all began with a disclosure by Tengku Mahkota Johor in his recent statement to Johoreans.

Today, the pandora box is wide open when the man known as Prebet Adam, his sibling stepped forward to apologise for all the blame and allegations born by the late Sultan Johor for over 30 years. They made it clear that only their younger sister died at an early age and Prebet Adam was never a golf caddy. On the same note, a declaration by Prebet Adam to confess against the cause of his amok went viral.

Once again, was this a coincidence during which Dr Mahathir was attempting to destroy Johor administration including seizing the Royals power?

Everyone wishes Dr Mahahtir to come clean in these two bombshells dropped against him, for the opposition pact and he himself. Even if as the general election is drawing near, the opposition pact does not deserve to be dragged along with all their Top Dog’s dark history as the rakyat have once told them… you certainly are carrying a heavy load with you and indeed it is the wrong move!

–  pru14.tv

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