When it is too arduous to dismiss UMNO’s claim that Pakatan Harapan is actually dominated by DAP and even if anyone is their Prime Minister’s candidates, Lim Kit Siang has always been the actual figure. Lately, PH and in particular DAP, have shifted their strategy by first, appointing Dr Mahathir as their “Top Dog” and subsequently, their candidate for prime minister and Wan Azizah as the deputy. It is without a doubt to divert all attacks against Kit Siang and DAP that Malaysians could easily comprehend.

Dr Mahathir the Prime Minister and Wan Azizah the Deputy, will this be a convictive combination? Without a doubt, this has proven how impotent and fragile this Pakatan Harapan leaderships are. This is the message conveyed to us from Prime Minister Najib Razak as written in his blog, for us to ponder the risks that Malaysians should bear for the next 5 years.

Certainly, DAP has only approved a temporary position for Dr Mahathir and later to hand over to Anwar Ibrahim after his release from serving a prison sentence for sodomizing his personal aide.

For someone who could easily sense Dr Mahathir’s thinking and he has also served during his 22 years administration, PM Najib has shared two upcoming scenarios that will severely affect the country as well as Malaysians. For PM Najib, Dr Mahathir will not conveniently release his most needed powerful post to Anwar Ibrahim. As he is well known for his egocentric stance, Dr Mahathir never believed that anyone is capable to lead the nation except him.

He himself has proven it. He was not in line with his own predecessor choice, Pak Lah and now he is fiercely challenging against PM Najib’s administration. Even his own new political party, as the Chairman, he vetoed and overruled all decisions that the President seems non-existence. Whereas in Pakatan Harapan, he insisted on the “Top Dog” position and now he must be the chosen candidate as Prime Minister for Pakatan Harapan.

Where ever he is, he will not bid for anything less than the number one.

The second possibility, if the situation is inevitable and Dr Mahathir had to hand over his post to Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysians will be governed by a husband and wife combination who will surely make Malaysia a country for the absolute family. We will eventually fall into an absolute king and queen controlled kingdom.

Hence, what will happen to democracy that we have enjoyed endlessly since independence? Simultaneously, will Dr Mahathir allow this to happen arbitrarily?

It is thus precisely the expectation of PM Najib if the people are to choose Pakatan Harapan in the coming GE14. Pakatan Harapan members will indeed continue their infighting among themselves and perhaps more squabbles to clutch for the Prime Minister post.

Even when this coalition is still not in power, they have taken such a long time only to determine their Prime Minister candidate. What more once they are given the mandate? Indeed, 2 to 3 years will be wasted and possibly the whole term, they will be left with no other choice but to satisfy each other’s demands and endless internal fights are definitely unavoided.

Hence, where are their campaign promises to prioritise the struggle for the rakyat?

PM Najib called all Malaysians to heed to these scenarios if Dr Mahathir is the Prime Minister when Pakatan Harapan is given the mandate to rule the nation. Further, how could they ever focus to serve the rakyat and develop the nation when all of their thoughts and efforts are about the Prime Minister position and the internal fights.

Unlike Barisan Nasional, when they are given the mandated once again to lead the government, it is without any wasted second, PM Najib and his ministerial line would continue the rakyat’s agenda.

The choice is in our hands. Between Barisan Nasional stability compared with the endless upheavals of Pakatan Harapan, which is our priority?

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