If we can still remember the disclosures revealed by MCA Deputy President Datuk Wee Ka Siong, Guan Eng had previously bragged to everyone and in particular, the Penangites that a giant construction company namely China Railway Construction Corporation is a major contractor and part of the shareholder to the Penang undersea tunnel project. That was before the previous general election, hence, he had leveraged it to the fullest for his election campaign.

But today, CRCC itself has made their denial to clear the air to MCA President and Transport Minister Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai after a press statement to the media.

CRCC asserted that they have never held any shares in the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) company which is Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd but they have only signed an “acknowledgement of commitment” as an appendix to the project initial agreement. They have agreed only as contractors who carry out EPC works (engineering, procurement and construction) rather than as the major contractor nor as the shareholder.

Contracts awarded by SPV is to work on a detailed design for a total of USD22 million (RM85.7 million) for the three roads and the undersea tunnel. CRCC pledged to deliver its commitments to current or future contracted projects in accordance with agreed schedules and budgets.

Hence CRCC urged that the unique circumstances of the project cannot and should not be used as a measure of their performance. This is to rebut Guan Eng’s decision to drop Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) from the consortium due to accidents occurring at the project site.

However, Guan Eng has been defending the project by claiming they had been awarded by open tender to Consortium Zenith and the agreement was signed in October 2013 with an additional agreement with the main contractor CRCC. Strangely, when Datuk Wee Ka Siong insisted to reveal the additional agreement, Guan Eng kept silent indicating clearly that it had never happened.

CRCC had clarified during the Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Civil Aviation and insisted to meet up with Datuk Liow. It was not an arranged meet but CRCC took the opportunity to clear the air.

DAP continues to stutter in their replies even though they are obviously doubted and certainly contradictory. Guan Eng has begun to deny that CRCC is the shareholder of SPV and this is supported by Zairil Khir Johari, claiming that it was misinterpreted by Barisan Nasional leaders.

Although CRCC published a public denial that they are never the main contractor, even in his recent official statement, Guan Eng remains referring that this Chinese giant company is the main contractor for the Penang tunnel project. Failing to produce a transparent explanation, the best that Guan Eng could conclude is that to accuse MCA and Barisan Nasional of trying to sabotage the project.

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