Tan Sri Robert Kuok is not alien in our country as he always championed the list of the top richest businessman in Malaysia. This is as he is the sole entrepreneur who monopolized the sugar industry since independence. However, something that no one can deny the success and fortune he has enjoyed since more than half century ago is due to Barisan Nasional’s government policy which has governed the country.

An exposure by a news portal claiming that Robert Kuok had funded an opposition-friendly news portal, that will be up to us to believe it or not. Even if Robert Kuok vehemently denied them, it is indeed inadequate. Hence he had spoken out to take legal action against the allegations. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, Robert Kuok should proceed legal actions against MalaysiaToday without any delay.

Robert Kuok needs to know that today, information is readily obtained and if he wishes to try to cultivate with social media games, he should be prepared to face with differing perceptions and there is no other way to clear accusations against him apart through the legal process. However, it is best for this business icon to abstain from mired in politics.

If he is angered with criticisms and vilifications, Robert Kuok should just focus on his success and start sharing his stories with young Malaysians whereby without a doubt, the key success of his fortune is backed by opportunities given by the BN-led government. As such, it is in line with PM Najib’s statement that the government aid remains the ‘key’ that provides opportunities for success and for everyone.

One thing that perhaps Robert Kuok might have overlooked that the present government led by PM Najib Razak is different in the days of Dr Mahathir. No one can deny that Dr Mahathir is fond of devoting to the national wealth to individuals turned cronies. But PM Najib has chosen to open up opportunities for all Malaysians and in particular, the young people residing in Malaysia and not for someone who would leverage them to live abroad.

Monopoly in an industry that was justified in the days of Dr Mahathir, in fact, has obviated healthy competition and opportunities for massive success. Being diligent and disciplined, many Malaysians owns such features. The question is, why is Robert Kuok has always ranked first as the richest man in Malaysia?

If true Robert Kuok sincerely wishes to see the nation prospers to a greater height, it is not just by sharing his thoughts in a book but it will be more convincing if he would spare more time in this homeland sharing his success stories with Malaysians. If Robert Kuok proudly exposes his contribution to MCA and UMNO, he should be bold enough to share the amount that he has contributed to the state’s taxes too.

Today, no particular race or individual is supposed to monopolize the country’s economy. If this nation desires to move forward in the true sense, all opportunities should be given to those who endure uphill battles with discipline and hard work. Hence, many more will occupy the chart of Malaysia success rather than by one particular person for decades.

However, thanks to Robert Kuok for acknowledging that his wealth and fortune are laboriously dependent on government assistance led by Barisan Nasional.

–  pru14.tv

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