If we are to view how Deputy President MCA Datuk Sri Wee Ka Siong poses questions to the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng about the underwater tunnel scandal, it is with courtesy and profoundly professional. Unlike Guan Eng, despite failing to answer correctly, he had strived to turn around into polemic responses.

Datuk Wee asked in the interests of the rakyat but Guan Eng chose to keep his cronies, a contractor without a single proven track record, no substantial working capital and the most laughable issue is when Guan Eng selected a contractor who is a specialist in fashion design.

Guan Eng disputes the MACC’s actions investigating the undersea tunnel project as his logic is that Datuk Wee only accuses the Penang government of misrepresentation regarding CRCC as a shareholder and not associating any elements of corruption or kickbacks made. Obviously, Guan Eng does not understand Datuk Wee’s question.

Knowing that Guan Eng will not be able to answer a barrage of questions, Datuk Wee produced his video in series so that Guan Eng could focus on his answers. In fact, at the end of the first video clip, Datuk Wee has reminded Guang Eng that more questions will be thrown but let us all see how Guan Eng handle the CRCC issue first.

In truth, there is a much bigger issue than the CRCC that needs to be doubted and answered and has been highlighted. By questioning about the CRCC only, Datuk Wee has proven that DAP has deceived the rakyat and has always tried to lie to cover off their deliberate mistakes. Every time DAP is trying to shake off, their lies became more obvious and the more often the DAP tries to flip-flop, they are accentuating their own lies.

When proved that CRCC and BUCG from China are not the legitimate shareholders in the project, only then that Penang state government admitted that the share capital was misrepresented even though everyone knew it was deliberate. Hence, the correction does not mean it could devoid any corruption practices whereas Guan Eng should not put his words into the mouth who asked him questions.

Does this most expensive paid research paper in the world for the undersea tunnel work not suspicious enough when the project is only scheduled to commence within 5 years to come? Is there no pre-sale of state land worth RM2.83 billion? When there is no CRCC and BUCG, thus the main shareholder is the 82-day-old company with paid-up capital of only RM300,000 as announced by Guan Eng on November 14, 2011. Which part of these questions from Datuk Wee has Guan Eng answered?

It is quite strange when it is found that the Penang government under the leadership of DAP and Guan Eng has given a project worth RM6.34 billion to companies with no financial strength and without any construction track-record. Whereas the Chief Minister is busy refusing to answer Datuk Wee Ka Siong’s questions.

Hence, is it still unclear that this Penang government project a scam?

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