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The elections should be a serious business and voters must consider it as best as possible to determine the state of their choice, as defined in the Constitution. This is our responsibility as an individual and everyone has the right to play their role to choose who should be the government in this country.

These statements were cited by Prime Minister Najib Razak on the #UndiRosak campaign which was actively disseminated in the social media to call for what can be considered as a protest vote. But what is quite shocking, the campaign with hashtags such as #UndiRosak or #SpoiltVote and #ProtesPRU, they start hovering and turned to be very popular as soon as Dr Mahahtir was announced as Pakatan Harapan’s prime minister candidate.

Ironically, most of the #UndiRosak supporters are from Pakatan Harapan and some may come from other opposition parties. This was confirmed by Wan Azizah herself. What concerns most is why are they willing to jeopardise PH chances to capture Putrajaya in the coming GE14?

Response gathered from the media was quite startling despite not knowing who initiated the campaign. But a few who surfaced determined that the action is the result of their dissatisfaction towards PH leaders to choose Dr Mahathir as their prime minister candidate. Among other reasons, some could not appreciate PPBM which turns out to be a racial party joining the coalition.

The ‘top to bottom’ decision by PH leaders that totally ignored the hardcore supporters to conclude on Dr Mahathir’s candidacy is certainly a great disappointment. Thus this indicates that leaders in PH have no respect for their support who had been with them through thick and thin since 1998.

By naming Dr Mahathir as their prime ministerial candidate is also taken as a backward step by the coalition.To these young voters, it seems that PH is controlled by the elders who have apparently denied young leaders’ chances to hold key positions as in the candidate for prime minister or deputy prime minister.

It is rather staggering when these PH young supporters have also given an analogy of Dr Mahathir’s and Anwar’s oldness as their objections that is regarded as a form of political dynasties that is without doubt intact.

Even though this #UndiRosak campaign is not an offence, it certainly does not bring any benefit to anyone. Just because when someone is disappointed or turned off with their party’s political manoeuvring, they may not realize that they are allowing others to determine their destiny, their families’ fate and country’s future. As such, the Election Commission is planning to mobilize efforts to promote awareness to the public by conducting a campaign called “Jom Kita Mengundi’.



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