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Dr Mahahtir and Pakatan Harapan will do anything as long as their desire for power loot take place and this includes deserting their own stand towards Dr Mahathir, who was determined in his 22 years premiership. He was known for the anti-British that he launched the ‘Buy British Last’ for the nation. After in cahoot with England-based online news portal Sarawak Report, he held a closed-door meeting the 16 European Union ambassadors.Regardless of whatever the agenda will be, expect nothing kind about our country and PM Najib Razak from his lips.

Just about a few days ago, FELDA with 2,000 settlers and smallholders, representing 650,000 settlers nationwide had handed over a memorandum to these 16 EU ambassadors to protest against their campaign to ban our palm oil products and discredit the industry. It is believed that the EU is the mastermind.

The EU intends to impose restrictions on the use of palm oil in biofuel which is obviously contrary to the goal of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Organization. Hence, during this time when the country is fighting for the plight of 650,000 settlers and smallholders, are Dr Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan trying to stop it?

If Dr Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan are serious to fight against the economic colonization towards Malaysia, they should join effort with FELDA to protest against the EU’s restraining action but regrettably, they are doing the otherwise. Why should they demand the EU interference to pressure the ruling party Barisan Nasional who is working exhaustively to save the 650,000 settlers and smallholders livelihood?

Colonization of the economy on palm oil producing countries is underway by the EU when they restrict this particular commodity export and yet their reasons are completely unfounded. By taking such stringent action, the income of the people in rural areas is severely affected in which EU itself has reneged on their own aims of Sustainable Development Goals of the EU whereby they are supposed to end rural poverty by means of agriculture.

EU’s allegation was that Malaysia’s palm oil cultivation was not sustainable while the has covered sustainability aspects including economic and environment of the areas of oil palm cultivation. As much as EU is concerned about the sustainability of palm oil products, FELDA has taken comprehensive steps that they will ensure the 120,000 settlers comply with Malaysia’s Sustainability Certification Scheme (MSPO) which the government would be made compulsory by end 2019.

In fact, FLEDA aimed to verify certification for eight factory complexes and over 30 factory complexes audited by Sustainable Palm Oil Roundtable (RSPO) and MSPO within this year. FELDA settlers were also offered cash incentives including forgiving debts who took equity loans from Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd. FELDA even set up a special fund of RM300 million to help settlers with replanting operational debts of RM40,000 or more and on top of that, a special replanting grant by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board of up to RM167 million will cover 24,280 hectares.

As such, by providing support to the EU, this will definitely ruin the livelihood of 650,000 settlers and tens of thousands more of other smallholders in which Dr Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan not only have betrayed them, they are deliberately damaging the nation’s economy. Do they deserve your votes? Should Dr Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan wish to deny these claims, why nothing was made public about the meet except only pictures circulated in the social media?



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