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On the issue of transfer of FELDA’s pieces land in Jalan Semarak, this government agency is duped and Synergy Promenade Sdn Bhd (SPSB) as the developer, they are liable to scheme the land transfer which obviously is without FELDA permission and deliberately avoiding Board of Directors’ awareness. After numerous serious efforts made so much so that a police report was lodged to caveat the land, FELDA finally managed to regain those pieces of land.

It is rather strange when FELDA succeeded to regain those pieces of land without any cost incurred, Rafizi decried and regarded that it was just a drama by its Chairman Tan Sri Shahrir Samad and Prime Minister Najib Razak. The question forward by FELDA Chairman is why Rafizi too keen to be advocating for the party at fault?

Is Rafizi actually defending the interests of someone protected by those known for cronyism and nepotism? Where does Rafizi stand today when he often speaks for truth, transparency, hatred of cronyism and support of public interest or in this FELDA issue, Rafizi had to change direction?

There is no reason at all to doubt FELDA’s success to regain those pieces of land should anyone search for the land status, it is now caveated and not placed under any bank collateral. In fact, during TS Shahrir’s previous press conference, he has shown to the media that those pieces of land clearly stated the developer’s name, Synergy Promenade Sdn Bhd (SPSB).

Despite when the developer agreed to return FELDA’s Jalan Semarak pieces of land, it was all due to the agency’s resolute stance and hence they have proven to practice transparency and added with good governance. But Rafizi questioned why the developer agreed in a haste? Indeed the developer is driven by legal constraints to proceed their billion KLVC project developments and why do they need to be rigid about it?

Rafizi is overly concerned if ever FELDA land for the KLVC project is gone forever. For someone who claimed to be Jack of all trades, it is thus ashamed that he has proven to be a master of none. When a developer and the landowner agreed to run a project to build either houses or office units, buyers only owned those units and that is a normal undertaking whereas the developed land does not change hands automatically from landowners to developer.

What had happened to Jalan Semarak land, it is a clear cut scam whereby the developer namely Synergy Promenade Sdn Bhd has transferred the land ownership to them without FELDA’s consent. Whereas, what FELDA had previously agreed was until the project is completed, only then it will be transferred to them and not before or during the development.

Unlike Rafizi, FELDA is gravely concerned on risks beyond their control. What will happen if the developer failed to complete the project? Should FELDA overlooked such scam, the possibility that these lands will land into the banks’ hands or perhaps it can be sold to other parties is very high. By then everything will be too late.

FELDA interest not only should come first but it ought to be a secured risk whereby FELDA need to be the rightful owner and once the project is completed, the process to transfer over to the developer will take place and FELDA will definitely earn profits. Will this not benefit FELDA? Is this not what FELDA is working on?

For that, FELDA is being transparent in the matter and there is nothing to hide unlike Rafizi, it seems he is more concern to advocate for the sinners.




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