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Red is the highest arc of the rainbow and the colour that is constantly associated with a fighting spirit has once again occupied every inch in PWTC for 5 days for UMNO 71st General Assembly. Above all, with the 30,000 turnouts, it is indeed has recorded history largest gathering for a political party in the country whereby no other political party is able to do so.

Thus, this reflects that UMNO existence is still intact yet not only this longest serving Malay party is relevant at present, its influence among the Malays is getting stronger despite facing turbulence and challenges. Besides the 2,718 delegates presence for the annual gathering, PWTC never failed to be loaded with red colours from every corner of the convention centre.

It is indeed far from UMNO rivals’ claims as though this Malay-based party has lost its precedence in the nation’s politics. They thought that with the emergence of Dr Mahathir as their new toy, they will be able to provide an alternative to UMNO with his new party but eventually, a far cry from reality had happened.

This is the astuteness of PM Najib Razak. He who has managed to conquer crisis that hit UMNO 2 years ago, and today under their President DS Najib Razak, its party members have displayed to be more united and stronger. In fact, all supposition from Pakatan Harapan and in particular PPBM to see a fragmented UMNO apparently will continue to be a letdown.

To date, none of UMNO divisions has been dissolved. Instead, it is PPBM who is facing internal uproar that more of their divisions are dissolved and in certain states, this party that belongs to Dr Mahathir are almost crippled.

The consolidation of loyalty from Umno members standing firmly by the party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak to face the 14th General Election (GE14) is displayed in PWTC when they were all wearing red suits.

As the President mentioned in his keynote address that UMNO will continue to consistently and effectively to lead the nation, not only for the next 30 years but perhaps even in the next millennium.

Only the heedless and those who are indulged in the daydream would think that Umno is losing support. Being overly confident that the combination of Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin could persuasively destroy UMNO, not only DAP and PKR are injudicious but instead, they will have to bear the burden of PPBM which will be deregistered sooner or later.

Hence, a sea of red that has hit the PWTC, they are also conveying a message to Pakatan Harapan that their President is never alone at the top.

More importantly, the glowing red flame depicts that they are ever ready to face the coming GE14 together with their President and other leaders with a roaring success.




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