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As much as everyone has heard Dr Mahathir is apologising every now and then these days since the general election is drawing near, many prefer his actions should speak louder than those two words – I am sorry, and it seems just like formalities as if it is accustomed to saying sorry, but not always accustomed to feeling remorse.

It was nothing shocking when at the end of his speech during the PPBM General Assembly in Shah Alam, he apologized for his past mistakes since the rakyat has accepted the fact that Dr Mahathir is once again adding to his U-turn drama and childish attacks.

In the past, when he was the President of UMNO, the rakyat was lamenting when he apologised but today, not only they viewed it cynically but some would even chuckle about it as they knew it is a meaningless apology unless he states his mistakes.

Among the obvious who will decline Dr Mahathir’s apology are the Sabahans. To them, he has done a permanent damage by allowing the IC project that today Sabah is swamped with illegal immigrants from Philipines and other neighbouring countries. Last but not least, the people of Sarawak are very disappointed for his 22 years discrimination and marginalising from all forms of development.

Dr Mahathir’s draconian Internal Security Acts (ISA) that drilled to detain his political nemesis but is now abolished by PM Najib Razak, the former ISA detainees and their families are still demanding not for his apology but his confession in which Dr Mahathir has been trying to avoid even after his pact with opposition bloc. These ISA victims regarded Mahathir’s apology as insincere and pretentious for, not only he was the Prime Minister during Ops Lalang, he was the then responsible Minister of Home Affairs.

His drama is relatively easy to detect when on the same day after a few hours, he not only mocked those PPBM members that left the party as garbage but Dr Mahathir felt that they do not deserve his apology.

There are several reasons why the Chairman is given the honour to speak instead of the party President in the PPBM’s inaugural AGM. Not only it is attended by key leaders from Pakatan Harapan, medias are given the leverage to cover the whole session. Dr Mahathir knew that he is too desperate for people’s sympathy, thus this should be his best opportunity.

By January 7th, Pakatan Harapan will finalise and announce their Prime Minister’s candidate during the convention. Earlier, PKR has decided to offer Dr Mahathir a temporary post and added with particular conditions. Whereas DAP is yet to decide despite the fact that they have been seen deciding on Anwar Ibrahim initially.

Knowing that he would be faced with controversial and fierce opposes from Pakatan Harapan supporters that the likelihood to be named as PH PM is slim, hence the apology drama is indeed paramount. But this PM candidacy is crucial to Dr Mahathir’s moral as the ‘Top Dog’ or he will be seen as only the ‘Stray Dog’.

Unfortunately, there are still many among PH supporters who disapprove his candidacy but on the other hand, if he is chosen, a greater split among them is inevitable and in particular within DAP and PKR.

It is too unlucky for Dr Mahathir, his apology is regarded as a mere political strategy. Without fail, each day there will be those who surfaced to dismiss his apology for they knew that it is meaningless and does not carry any sincerity when many of his actions are self-proving and comprehensible.




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