To Malaysians, it seems quite hesitant for them to remove the title dictator from Dr Mahathir. Keep in mind that this title was granted by either UMNO or any component parties in Barisan Nasional but by his own allies in Pakatan Harapan. Yet the title remained even though Dr Mahathir is consensually selected as their interim Prime Minister.

Perhaps, when the interim appointment was granted, was it that among the conditions agreed, Dr Mahathir will have to convince PH supporters that he shall not carry on with his iron fist leadership style as ever done to UMNO and Barisan Nasional?

Is this also the reason why Dr Mahathir is forced to write once again in a more extensive article under the heading ‘Dictator’? We can sense the obvious that he is being defensive and a feeling of enraging when compared to his previous articles on the same topic, he seems thrilled and contented.

Apart from Dr Mahathir being crafty until Pakatan Harapan had to submit to his wishes despite his newborn party without substantial members and victory records, he was appointed as their ‘Top Dog’. It is even intriguing when DAP and Kit Siang who initiated it.

Dr Mahathir’s intense greed for power did not end there as he went a step further than it was concerted by PH top leaders to choose him as their prime minister’s candidate in preparing for the 14th election campaign.

Looking at how Dr Mahathir set the pace and the way he maintains his position in UMNO was somewhat synonymous with his longtime dictatorial style but certainly, it is contrary to what DAP and PKR have propagated about reforms and democracy.

After more than a year Dr Mahathir joined Pakatan Harapan, what is happening in his party PPBM has highlighted his dictatorship either through his words or actions. Muhyiddin Yassin, who is the President, his role was deliberately sunk but it is Dr Mahathir who vetoed all party decisions.

This ‘dictator’ title significantly remained among Pakatan Harapan when in October last year, during an interview session commemorating Ops Lalang 30 years ago, Lim Guan Eng did not hesitate to link Dr Mahathir’s tyranny governance. Meanwhile, Nurul Izzah also called Dr Mahahtir as a dictator when giving views on the selection of a prime minister.

In fact, the draconian Ops Lalang victims and families have demanded full responsibility from Dr Mahathir. The purpose of this operation is where Internal Security Act (ISA) imposed by Dr Mahathir to detain his political nemesis. If this is not an inclination of a dictator, what else? Even so, the ISA was abolished by PM Najib whereby it is not favoured by Dr Mahathir.

Not to mention how Dr Mahathir has used the police force to run roughshod on street demonstrators but at the time of PM Najib, freedom of expression and those who wish to conduct demonstration were justified that the Bersih rally against the government was held not once but many times every year.

Dr Mahathir is never affected by the title dictator but he is cross when Pakatan Harapan supporters failed to unite with his presence. He seems angry when there are still among Pakatan Harapan leaders increasingly criticizing him openly but nothing is done to defend him effectively.

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