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PPBM’s joy after given 52 parliamentary seats for PRU14 may not last long enough when within the next 24 hours, the rakyat grasped it as just Pakatan Harapan’s crafty strategy to erode UMNO claims that this election is about a fight against opposition led by DAP.

On the same note, this large number of seats for a party who has no track record, it was not disputed or argued by either DAP or PKR.Only PAN has voiced their dissatisfaction when they are allocated the least seat yet they have more members and among others, they are less problematic
if compared to PPBM’s ongoing internal brawl.

So far, DAP and PKR are satisfied with the number of seats allocated but the grassroots leaders are more concerned with Dr Mahathir’s appointment as the temporary prime minister candidate.There are certain possibilities detected by political pundits to expect from the trio’s (Mahathir, Kit Siang and Wan Azizah) ruse.

Based on the “Pakatan Harapan Consensus”, it is clearly stated that they had decided on the distribution of parliamentary seats only within the peninsula which is about 165 seats; PPBM – 52 seats, PKR – 51, DAP – 35 and PAN – 27 seats. At a glance, it seems that PPBM has gained the trust of the 3 top leaders in the pact.

It is said that in accordance with PPBM’s existence with the ultimate intention to replace UMNO, they should be able to gain more Malay votes from rural constituencies. Simultaneously, PH is in dire need to fend off the perception that PH will always be under DAP’s remote control, hence this chauvinist party is only given 35 parliamentary seats.

However, when examined more closely, it is crucial to understand that out of 35 seats given to DAP in the peninsula, they have won 31 in the last general election or in other words, they are DAP’s safe seats. There are such as Seputeh and Sri Kembangan, they even gained large majority votes up to 40,000. These are the parliamentary seats given to DAP;

1. Pulau Pinang – P43 Bagan, P45 Bukit Mertajam, P46 Batu Kawan, P48 Bukit Bendera, P49 Tanjong, P50 Jelutong dan P51 Bukit Gelugor

2. Perak – P60 Taiping, P64 Ipoh Timor, P65 Ipoh Barat, P66 Batu Gajah, P68 Beruas, P70 Kampar dan P76 Telok Intan

3. Pahang – P80 Raub

4. Selangor – P102 Serdang, P103 Puchong, P106 Petaling Jaya Utara dan P110 Klang

5. Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur – P114 Kepong, P117 Segambut, P120 Bukit Bintang, P122 Seputeh dan P123 Cheras

6. Negeri Sembilan – P128 Seremban dan P130 Rasah

7. Melaka – P138 Kota Melaka

8. Johor – P145 Bakri, P152 Kluang, P162 Gelang Patah dan P163 Kulai

Almost all of the above are DAP’s status quo. But what about Sabah and Sarawak? Are they not contesting in coming GE14? In the last GE13, DAP won 2 of 4 contested parliamentary seats in Sabah while in Sarawak, out of 11 parliamentary seats contested, DAP won 5.

In actual fact, at this juncture, DAP is contesting 35 parliamentary seats in the peninsula and 15 more seats in Sabah and Sarawak, which will total up to 50 seats. In case we have forgotten, Kit Siang has already declared that DAP will place more candidates meant to prepare for the coming Sarawak state election due in 2021. Hence, it will not be impossible if DAP will be adding parliamentary seats in Sarawak for their future planning.

From the 50 DAP’s status quo, is this not true that DAP will once again dominate Pakatan Harapan? Need to be reminded too that the 52 parliamentary seats given to PPBM were not their status quo yet mostly are UMNO/BN strongholds. Even so, Muhyiddin won Pagoh under Barisan Nasional. PKR is also given back their status quo seats but definitely, they are lesser than DAP.

Eventually, DAP will once again gain the most seats as compared to PKR, PPBM and PAN. The ruse behind the seat allocation is easily detected and should this be the case, they are actually insulting the rakyat’s intelligent. By avoiding to publicly announce DAP’s actual total seats from Sabah and Sarawak, Pakatan Harapan has actually confirmed UMNO statement that DAP will always outsmart them and this will end up DAP controlling the pact forever.

Pakatan Harapan’s hidden intention is made clear when they wish to make believe to the rakyat and in particular from UMNO supporters that GE14 is about PM Najib against Dr Mahathir. Should everyone could still recall what Mahathir used to quote that the Jews conquered the world with by proxies, DAP is now practising the same when they even have a more beneficial proxy than the Jews, that is Dr Mahathir.



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