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Just about a year ago, the collusion worth of RM1 billion between Lim Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir that was revealed by former DAP vice-chairman, Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim on who will become Pakatan Harapan Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister if they win the coming 14th General Election, seems undeniable and proven to be for real.

In fact, Zaid Ibrahim’s previous statement that Dr Mahathir will once again be appointed as the Prime Minister in this country has also been realised and not just another tall talk when unanimously at the recent Pakatan Harapan convention, PH’s top leaders made its confirmation.

Ever since UMNO leaders have revealed how DAP dominates every inch of PH decisions and strategies, the preliminary round between Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir to ensure Mukhriz as PM candidate and Kit Siang is his Deputy, however, it will have to be customised to the current political situation that is nearing the finishing line towards GE14.

In the last two general elections, DAP has gained the most seats among the opposition blocs and their true colours are manifested when deciding on their own to sever political ties with PAS which leads to dissolving Pakatan Rakyat and the existence of PAN which emerged Pakatan Harapan eventually. DAP too is responsible to decide to bring Dr Mahathir and PPBM into the new pact and have been working extra hard to convince others.

DAP’s hidden agenda is apparent. Despite having dominated the Chinese voters, they still failed to capture Putrajaya as, without the decisive votes from majority Malays, they are nowhere nearing the ultimate struggle for their Malaysian Malaysia. Even PKR and PAS have failed for the second attempt when they did not succeed in dominating the Malay voters despite claiming that they are favoured in the urban.

For the third time in the coming GE14, DAP is hopeful that they will not be embittered once again just to watch BN holding into power as they have been proven for the past 13 elections giving false hopes to their supporters. Hence, DAP is in dire need to adjust their strategies every now and then that they are forced to accept Dr Mahathir and his new party PPBM which aimed to be an alternative party to UMNO.

Added to the factors outlined by UMNO on how DAP dominates PH, the initial scheme will have to change and instead of lauding Mukhriz as the PM material and Kit Siang the deputy, DAP switched to Dr Mahathir and Wan Azizah.

Whatever DAP have tried out, the Malay community remained regarding them as an anti-Malay and anti-Islamic as long as their ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ is intact. Supposedly, Dr Mahathir should be able to ‘neutralize’ that perception and bring great influence to the Malay voters that he was appointed as PH’s ‘top dog’ and now the temporary Prime Minister.

Too unfortunate for Pakatan Harapan, all of their guile to first appoint Dr Mahathir as the Chairman and the temporary post and setting aside Anwar Ibrahim, they are easily sensed. Whatever the current decisions are, the RM1 billion secret agreement between Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir is in good hands and remains smooth.




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