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At the surface, all seem harmonious when every decision is agreed as there was a consensus but apparently, after the announcement to appoint Dr Mahathir Mohamad as their Prime Minister even though it is only a temporary post, voices to demonstrate their dissatisfaction from the grassroots leaders started to mount.

The daughter of late Karpal Singh, Sangeet Kaur Deo, was among the earliest from DAP to share her concerns as though PH is facing a bereft of a prime minister material that they had to choose Dr Mahathir. She is correct to say that the opposition pact seems very desperate and in particular her party DAP, as it was in their previous decision to be in cahoot with PAS.

Sangeet’s disappointment left the coalition with certain setbacks. Among them, is PH bringing back the rebirth of Mahathirism and whenever the general election arrives, whether DAP is always too desperate that after Mahathir, they will one day work in cahoot with PM Najib Razak? More interestingly, Sangeet asserted that the much propagated ‘changes’ in all their campaigns by PH and in particular DAP are now switched off with the appointment of Dr Mahathir as their Prime Minister for the GE14.

Selangor PKR is the only state that was not present at the recent PH Convention when most likely they have earlier sensed the top leadership’s decision to decide on Dr Mahathir as their PM candidate. To them, it is rather very awkward to lift such a figure who has been all along opposing against the reforms brought by PKR. What more, when Dr Mahathir is approaching his centenary.

In fact, PKR Selangor shared the same notion as the late Karpal Singh’s daughter that PH does not have a national leadership figure and is forced to choose a person who will never change but he will maintain his 22 years of autocracy style. Disagreeing with Dr Mahathir’s appointment was augmented by an assertion from Azmin Ali who is now the Selangor Menteri Besar that he will not endorse the appointment. Hence, they insisted that the Prime Minister figure should come from none other than PKR.

However, under the agreement between the pact top leaders, Dr Mahathir must give way to Anwar Ibrahim to take over his position once the new government obtained a royal pardon for the latter.

If we look at the history of PKR’s existence and DAP’s struggle in the opposition bloc, their main goal is to unseat Mahathir when he was the prime minister and bring him to justice for all of his wrongdoings. But, it seems that all these will be set aside conveniently and are likely to vanish as long as Dr Mahathir exist in their circle.

Referring to Anwar’s suggestion that PKR should be accepting the pact’s decision and to be willing enough to cooperate with Dr Mahathir, therefore what has been Karpal’s daughter’s concerned and PKR Selangor’s worries, in desperation, they are reviving Mahathrism. All the hostility and disagreement for several decades on Mahathir was just the opposition’s deceit to the rakyat and the same could also happen to their wild accusations towards PM Najib Razak too.




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