Earlier, Selangor was reported to have recorded the highest glut of property residency in Malaysia which is based on reports from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), totalling 21 percent or 27,438 units. It stems from the lack of affordable housing units for the low-income group.

One wonders why there is still homeless and poor rakyat in rich Selangor whereas they remained listed as the richest state. In fact, Selangor is also listed as the most BR1M recipient in the country that clearly indicates most of the rakyat’s household income is below RM3,000.

Subsequent to that, a political economist Isham Jalil disclosed that PKR-led Selangor government had raised property-related taxes and other costs ever since the state fell into the hands of the opposition which remained under the coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS. Hence, this leads to an extreme hike in business premises rental including the ‘pasar malam’ areas.

Something that will definitely drive Azmin and the opposition-led Selangor government into cold feet is when Isham Jalil emphasized that the hikes began when the opposition from Pakatan Rakyat took over Selangor in 2008 whereby GST has not implemented yet.

Therefore, how will Azmin and the Pakatan Rakyat leaders clarify to the Selangor people that they have been fooled into believing their propaganda to go against GST as though it is the root of their daily burden?

All along, the opposition bloc, now under Pakatan Harapan, they are fond of using GST reasons that caused the burden to the people, thus the BN-led government presided by PM Najib Razak needs to be blamed.

Apparently, this is how Pakatan Harapan leaders impose their dirty politics on the rakyat. They hid their ill-favoured policies and point fingers to BN-led federal government who have taken great pains to help the rakyat. Worst still when Azmin and Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor have failed to deny them.

Selangor remained the richest state but it has the most numbers for the poor rakyat. Not that there are spills of foreign investments or abundance of raw resources, Selangor’s wealth is the result of Pakatan Rakyat’s oppressive policies to their people to make ends meet.

When Selangor refuse to review the soaring premise taxes, the traders left with no choice but are forced to charge consumers with a much higher price to settle state’s requirements and as a result, the Selangor people suffered tremendously.

Without hesitation, Datuk Isham Jalil is courageous enough to disclose Azmin and his PR government’s dirty politics. In fact, he emphasized that this would lead to a long-term disastrous economy for business and the people in Selangor.

Until and unless Selangor government would return back to Barisan Nasional, not only the rakyat will enjoy from economic growth, Selangor under BN will prosper as a business-friendly hub. Hence, issues of people are burdened with a sharp rise in the cost of living due to GST is just Pakatan Harapan’s deceit and dirty politics.

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