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It is indeed the best word when PM Najib held the opposition leaders as ‘hypocritical’ in alleviating the people’s burden while Barisan Nasional (BN) is not merely promising, they kept and deliver them. In his blog, PM Najib outlined Pakatan Harapan’s hypocritical stance particularly to abolish the expressway toll.

Unprincipled DAP, PKR and PAN, before they condemned and criticised thus labelled Dr Mahathir as “Father of All Tolls” but what happens today? Not only they went on cahoot with him, he is now their ‘Top Dog’ in Pakatan Harapan and possibly nominated as their Prime Minister.

Not that they did not know the biased toll concession agreements bias was created by Dr Mahathir, thus only benefited his cronies only yet the rakyat are forced to pay for their luxuries. In fact, the present government had to bear subsidies leveraged by certain areas and groups of society when these provisions can be better used for the people’s welfare across the nation.

In the two opposition-led states, Selangor and Penang, perhaps many may not know that they owned certain percentage as shareholders in several toll concessions. Yet they have the intention to build more tolled highways. Since 2008, the opposition pledged in their election campaigns that upon winning, the main steps they will not hesitate to take is to remove all tolls but alas, all tolls in Selangor and Penang remained intact and the rates have increased ever since.

If this is not hypocrisy, what other words are most appropriate for them?

Without a doubt, Barisan Nasional-led government kept their promises. Beginning January 1, collections on 4 tolls are abolished in 3 states; Batu Tiga and Sungai Rasau in Selangor, EDL in Johor and Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah, with immediate effect.

Numerous attempts from Pakatan Harapan to belittle and spin PM Najib’s announcement during the 2018 National Budget tabled in parliament. Some would unashamedly claim that it was their effort but the fact is, it is UMNO Selangor with other BN component parties struggle that made it a success.

Pakatan Harapan even claimed that when the government decided to abolish toll collections, it could be resulted to be detrimental to the people. How so? Perhaps PH failed to see how packed the tolls are during peak hours and how much the rakyat can now save their daily expenses.

So what exactly are the damages that the rakyat may suffer? Not only they have failed to meet their promises, Pakatan Harapan is actually belittling the rakyat.

It is absolutely right should PM Najib to label Pakatan Harapan as hypocritical. They are only good at throwing populist promises but in the end, none can be achieved.

While the BN-led government practices to listen to the needs of the people. They managed to provide the ‘Infrarakyat’ facilities such as the toll-free Pan Borneo Highway and the railway projects but all Pakatan Harapan would do is to ensure that these rakyat projects failed with their unfounded wild accusations.

Not only Pakatan Harapan leaders are hypocrites but more significantly that some may not realise, they have continuously oppressed the rakyat.

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