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Although this Dr Mahathir’s former finance minister and former UMNO treasurer were all out attempted to demonise and belittle PM Najib’s administration policies in a closed-door forum attended by only around 80 participants hence not allowing any media coverage, during the “Malaysia Baru” dialogue session, Daim Zainuddin chooses to ‘play safe’ rather than providing more articulate and truthful answers.

Thus, it is heard that his former boss was rather disappointed since they were not poisonous enough to convince the audiences.

Daim gulled the audience that freedom of speech is even more restricted than in the days of his former boss but deliberately forgets that his former boss jailed his political adversaries for criticizing him and it is PM Najib who abolished the draconian ISA. In fact, his former boss is now touring the nation to incite hatred and throwing wild allegations against PM Najib and the present government.

Freedom of speech can also be seen and leveraged in all his former boss’s articles appeared in his Che Det’s blog. In fact, DAP took the first move to prevent journalists from NST, Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian to cover his press conferences, including the Penang State Assembly sitting.

How so is freedom of speech restricted in PM Najib’s administration or is it that the authorities and ministers today are more pro-active to counter oppositions’ statements that it is equated to Daim’s accusations?

If the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider these days, when do we think the allegations of crony practices started? It is too easy to list all Dr Mahathir’s and Daim’s cronies but today, to pick any corporate figure associated with PM Najib, one will have to take a while to name them. Those practices of cronyism in Mahathir’s era had enriched certain individuals including Daim himself.

To prevent that practices of cronyism will not be repeated, PM Najib has ensured that by 2020, a high-income society shall be attained.

Daim questioned that if the present economy is in good shape, why is the need to introduce BR1M? Daim knew that the bulk petrol subsidies should be abolished and when PM Najib took the courageous measure to stop it, the savings plus GST revenue are returned to the people through BR1M.

Let us also take Daim to recall his ‘Danaharta’ when the country was hit with a financial crisis. Even Anwar Ibrahim strongly condemned Danaharta existence when he was still a UMNO leader. It was Anwar who disclosed the bailouts for Dr Mahathir’s Mirzan in his speech in UMNO Johor Convention in Pulau Sibu, Mersing.

As Dr Mahathir was very crossed and sensed that Anwar was getting his way to oust him by disclosing his son’s ailing company, the latter was put to shame with his sexual passion for other men and later, Anwar was put behind bars for abuse of power.

To Daim that if Malaysia is going to be a high-income nation and the GDP recorded seems a self-praised figure as they are only numbers. But when he was the Minister of Finance and during tabling the country’s budget in Parliament, if numbers are not real, what has he produced in the budget and what are his references?

Many a time, PM Najib has frequently mentioned that our country’s economy performances are rated by the World Bank, IMF and the “Big Three” credit rating agencies such as Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings too. Will their reports on Malaysia’s progress be doubted? Hence, what will Daim’s reference be to claim our economic progress is not a reality?

If the all Mighty created Hell and Heaven for us to choose, nevertheless the choice for either Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan, will Daim agree to watch Lim Kit Siang as the Prime Minister to allow hell on earth? Or perhaps his boss’s arch-enemy Anwar to fit in the PM’s office? Perhaps Daim would, for his interests are only his businesses and investments and never the nation or the people.

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