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The success to battle against negative perception will be a decisive victory for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the coming 14th General Elections (GE-14) and this is among the key messages by UMNO President Datuk Seri Najib Razak in his keynote address to leaders and members during the recent general assembly at PWTC.

While holding a mobile phone in his hand, UMNO President reminded the delegates and party members present of the need for them to champion the new media to counter the war of perception to restore the people’s confidence continuously to BN and UMNO.

Thus, this is one of the main factors why in the last two general elections, BN has lost many seats to the opposition.

It is not because the opposition is too strong or devoted to the rakyat but they have championed the social media in the past and manipulated this platform to sow lies and hatred to BN/UMNO, who have served relentlessly and brought all the developments ever since the nation gained its independence.

Among the oppositions’ dirty political plots, they often portray that UMNO is a racist and in particular an anti-Chinese political party as all the members are Malays and the Bumiputera. Even so, the opposition deliberately denied the unity of all races under Barisan Nasional comprising of component parties representing various races including from Sabah and Sarawak.

It is even worse when Malaysians are about to cast their votes, the opposition has spread through social media with fictitious news that BN has imported 40 thousand phantom voters from Bangladesh. Plus, to the extent, on the polling day, the opposition accused the indelible ink can be easily faded and scraped.

Knowing for sure that the opposition is in no way to capture the federal government, cunningly they started to spread the news as early as 4 am on eve of the polling day that they have already won the election. How absurd could this be but yet there are those who believed.

It is believed that the opposition now has a new toy to their crafty modus operandi and that is the ideology of ‘Mahathirism’ that is carried out by PPBM.

It’s not only harmful but has even seen their movements to incite the rakyat by comparing Mahathir’s past reign and condemning the present leadership of PM Najib. But some may not realise that PM Najib is given not much choice but to inherit Mahathir’s mass mistakes and now they are being corrected.

Among the major mistakes in the days of Dr Mahathir include the abuse of Internal Security Act (ISA) against his political adversaries, a biased concession agreement, lucrative contracts for cronies and his family members, petrol subsidies that failed to meet focused targets, the 1963 Malaysian Agreement for Sabah and Sarawak and the most mind-boggling scandal of our nation is the BNM Forex innumerable lost which involved tens of billions of taxpayers’ money.

Such false scams and news have every tendency to repeat once again ahead of the general election while UMNO ought to be prepared to fend off immediately.

Overall, the gist of the President’s speech is actually alerting the delegates and all members to wage war against Pakatan Harapan’s crafty scams for BN to achieve a landslide victory in GE-14. Nevertheless, this is the main aspect that UMNO should seriously heed and prepare.

In other words, the past mistakes and negligence will not repeat for the third time even to the last moment on polling day as UMNO is now ever ready to face the opposition’s absurdities and follies.




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