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Perhaps being too determined to pick up on Kit Siang and Guan Eng that his admission as a new Malay member of DAP would fit him to contest in GE14, the need to demonise UMNO and its President is paramount even though this is the party that has made Zaid Ibrahim into a filthy rich man.

Zaid claimed that PM Najib has lost friends and now in solitary at the helm to preside the nation. He was referring to the latter’s Deputy speech during the three UMNO wings annual gathering, calling members to always stand by the President and never leave him alone.

Before Zaid could even think to make such claims, he should first have a good look in a huge mirror and ask himself if anyone and particularly among DAP would wish to befriend him. Not to mention, if among PKR or PAN would appreciate him any longer.

Should Zaid needed to be reminded, just about a few days after joining DAP, Zaid was critically reprimanded by DAP’s Gobind Singh Deo for issuing a statement on the “silent agreement” among the opposition that former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is their de facto leader. As it is, being just an ordinary DAP member, Zaid’s first public statement for DAP was rubbished in disdain.

Even in Pakatan Harapan list of top leaders, Zaid Ibrahim was not given even a position. He was once again reproved by its chief secretary Saifuddin Abdullah not to be too presumptuous that PH stood by their stance, only Anwar Ibrahim remained as the PM nominee and any other de facto leader is unnecessary.

Zaid, however, is diligent in issuing statements but unfortunately, everything he says is merely seen as personal sweep and were never acknowledged by any DAP leaders or endorsed by Pakatan Harapan. This can be seen when every statement issued by Zaid, none of the other leaders would stand him up. What does this indicate?

Indeed it is laughable when Zaid claims merely based on TPM Zahid Hamidi’s statement. He who is only able to write in his blogs should ask first these questions before he would question PM Najib. First, do the DAP leaders and members truly acknowledged him as a friend or is he manipulated to be just another lackey to this party? Secondly, does Zaid still have friends in PKR or PAN and last but not least, is he likeable by anyone in PPBM?

PM Najib Razak not only presides UMNO but he has a larger family of the component parties in Barisan Nasional. Above all, PM Najib not only have the support from these political party leaders, they are loyal friends to him.

For instance, if Sarawak BN has no faith in PM Najib, the recent Sarawak state election, BN will not win with a landslide victory and 2/3 majority. PM Najib was once again tested in a twin by-election in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar. Yet once again, BN garnered a bigger majority even though Zaid’s so-called new friend, Dr Mahathir participated in the campaign.

The UMNO General Assembly recently has proven that the leaders and members have given PM Najib an ocean of love and friendship and above all, he is surrounded by faithful people. Hence, how could PM Najib be lonely at the top? In fact, PM Najib does not need a friend like Zaid Ibrahim or Dr Mahathir as these two have shown to the rakyat that they can never be trustworthy reliable friends.

Hence, being neither here nor there, Zaid should first ask himself if he truly has any friends left?




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