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Earlier PKR-led Selangor government produced a negligence details in their 2018 State Budget which was traced and reprimanded by the Barisan Nasional (BN) assemblyman. Upon their inattentiveness, they produced an error statement later yet this would resort to questioning if Azmin is serious enough to govern Selangor.

Azmin can issue an error statements to fix the incorrect figures but will Azmin be able to do the same with the Auditor-General Report? The recent audit report from AG is clearly telling us that the state government led by Azmin Ali is treating the state as their gold mine rather than to serve the rakyat.

Apart from Penang, Selangor seems to be the next in line for massive malpractices, produced with suspicious elements appeared in their annual audit reports.

In the report, 57 percent of the projects approved by the Selangor State Government for the year 2016 is still pending yet only 8 percent of the total state projects are executed and this makes them the lowest compared to other states. In fact, the provisions were approved since 2015 for the 2016 State Budget. Yet the year 2017 is approaching its end.

The rakyat and in particular the ordinary people often overlooked about the deficiencies reported, what more if they are not governed by Barisan National (BN). Be very mindful when too often that the opposition is fond of referring the Auditor General’s report as their campaign tools to demonise the Federal Government which involves failed or delayed projects.

Yet, what is happening in Selangor is far worse. On page 57 of the report, out of 116 in-progress projects, there are 21 projects that are behind schedule. Among the factors contributing to the failures are contractors’ lacklustre performance, land acquisition issues, relocation of utilities and inconclusive design issues.

But why? Are there no eligible contractors or any companies suitable for Selangor or is Azmin still searching for those who are fit only to be his cronies?

When PM Najib tabled the 2018 National Budget in parliament, Azmin was busy twitting doubting almost everything while gloating about his administration to be better. The federal government allocations prioritising the rakyat’s interests but Azmin’s intentional abandoned projects involved rakyat’s interests.

Can you see the difference?

It seems that there are too many significant flaws in Azmin’s administration. His nephew’s recent arrest by MACC with millions in cash found at home yet the people of Selangor are still waiting for Selangor’s affordable homes and not to mention, local’s pieces of land in Selangor were distorted for his cronies.

With such clear evidence produced, are Azmin and the opposition pact still relevant to lead Selangor? Were they deliberate to plague difficulties and hardship for the Selangor people so the Federal Government will be blamed?

Perhaps Azmin and Pakatan Harapan have that in mind but as the AG has uncovered their irregularities and misappropriations, Azmin and Pakatan Harapan will no longer be able to conceal or even thinking to deceive them. Make no mistake about it, it is indeed the Auditor General’s reporting.




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