As long as Lim Guan Eng and DAP are granted the trust to administer Penang, the state’s money will be distorted and perhaps misappropriated easily. However, the basic needs of the rakyat are still ignored and their lives are getting depressed every other day. What matters to them, his pockets and DAP’s are filled by creating projects that can be marked-up with contractors who are indeed friendly to them.

This is not a wild allegation but the Audit General report has shown certain lead to suspicious transactions in the Penang state government administered by DAP and its Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng. In the 112-page report, there is evidence that there irregularities that indicate he is trying to swerve the state government budget after being audited.

In the summary on page 44, a sum of RM307.45 million has been recorded as an expenditure from the provision of a total sum of RM346.12 which is 88.8 percent but the Auditor General (AG) found that actual amount spent is only RM233.84 million or by 67.6 percent. Where has the remaining RM73.61 million gone to?

It is also encountered in the audit report that indicates there are projects awarded to contractors through direct negotiations and was not approved by the Board of Directors in Penang. Who are these selected contractors? Are they the same contractors who are rewarded projects on the collapsed hillsides in Penang?

In the following pages, out of 2,868 planned projects, 2,761 projects or 96.3 percent were reported to have been completed, but the audit review once again found that the actual number of projects completed last year was only 2,737 projects or by 95.4 percent against the 2,761 reported completed projects.

Why is there the difference in 24 projects and are they non-existent but deliberately created? The mystery of these 24 phantom projects as mentioned in the latest Audit Report ought to be investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Out of curiosity, is the flood mitigation projects also included in the list of completed projects?

Among the projects that can be attributed to money distortions are the cycling routes at a cost of RM30 million. Upon completion, the expensive route is actually repainted on the pedestrian path and uses poor quality paint that after several days it disappeared.

The latest Audit Report also confirmed that Penang DAP-led government has indeed created another magic. RM73.61 million for development disappeared into thin air, creating 24 ghost projects and 40 more mysterious projects in Guan Eng’s office.

Penangites are well aware of Guan Eng’s dirty secrets. There are DAP lawmakers who abstained from conspiring with Guan Eng due to embarrassment. There are PKR representatives who have opposed Guan Eng. But Guan Eng played the stupid game. He still considers himself to be absolute and did nothing wrong, including devouring rakyat’s money so greedily on the ground that he is the Penang Chief Minister.

For how long will Penangites wish to allow DAP and Guan Eng robbed the public money? Is this not the real case of kleptocracy that is happening right before their eyes?


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