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After what had happened to PKR State Assemblyman Cheah Kah Peng, PKR top leadership is still blind and silent, no doubt that PKR is now under DAP’s grip. What was said by PM Najib Razak that DAP has always been the “Dai Lo” to have the final say in every Pakatan Harapan decision is now proven and cannot be denied.

Previously, if we still remember how PKR Penanti ADUN Dr Norlea Ariffin been bullied by Lim Guan Eng and DAP just because she was vocal on the environmental issues in Penang. News that she will not be renominated to contest in GE14 has also been confirmed and endorsed by PKR president Wan Azizah. The reasons given are supposedly PKR determine to maintain a political relationship with the state DAP. But what about DAP, do they respect PKR?

Norlela has drawn some controversy with DAP Penang government that Lim Guan Eng regarded her as someone who has betrayed him and state government when she decided to abstain during the voting for motions on the proposed land reclamation submitted by Barisan Nasional assemblyman Datuk Muhamad Farid Saad in the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) in 2015.

It is even more compelling when Lim Guan Eng acted against Cheah within this year alone. Earlier this year, Cheah was removed from Penang Hill Corp as director and another PKR ADUN was also sacked from state-owned Island Golf Properties. If it is true that Lim Guan Eng honours to maintain political relations with PKR, he would have replaced them with other PKR leaders but regrettably, he prefers outsiders and from his own party, Tony Pua from Petaling Jaya and Anthony Loke from Seremban.

Not only PKR assemblymen received Lim Guan Eng unjust yet oppressive treatment, but the residents in his constituencies who are now the flood victims in Penang are discriminated. Should each recipient be entitled to receive a one-off compensation of RM700 but they will be set aside. Just because Cheah have spoken to disagree with the state government, the residents of the Kebun Bunga constituency are also picked on?

If what is briskly stirring between PKR and DAP in Penang, it is clear that the collaboration of Pakatan Harapan members is just a show for the camera, but in reality, the cooperation in the true sense never existed. Not to mention what is happening in Selangor where PKR is clearly forced to submit to DAP’s dictates on issues pertaining Islam and the Malays.

DAP is said to be fully responsible for PAS split among their leaders and members and financed a newly formed party, PAN. In a fair manner, Lim Guan Eng and DAP never owned any respect for others even among their allies. Hence, will DAP attempt to split PKR too?

It seems that this newly combined pact, Pakatan Harapan will end up with the same fate as Pakatan Rakyat which eventually dissolved. As long as DAP has the most electoral seats, they will always be the “Dai Lo” to everyone in the opposition bloc. Should anyone has the difficulty to understand, look no further, the upheaval in Penang is the living proof.

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