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Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming has issued abusive words against Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir in his recent political speech at Simee Village was not for the first time when he had previously insulted the sovereignty of Perak and the Royal Institution for labelling them as “Perak Darul Kartun”.

After it went viral on social media and received immense condemnation from netizens, Nga lodged police reports and denying his actions even though it was recorded. He claimed that the clip was edited and modified to raise racial tensions whereas the 30-minute video clip showed distinctly offensive words issued.

Previously, after being heavily criticized, Nga Kor Ming apologized for calling Perak Menteri Besar as “Metallic Black”. Obviously, Kor Ming is not only fond of deriding rival party leaders in his talks, he is an exemplary of DAP racist bigot who marks as though the whites are more superior to a dark-skinned.

Even though Nga apologized but it is inadequate since the word used is not just about the skin colour but as the misbegotten word to ‘haram jadah’ or in English is ‘bloody bastard’, they refer to insulting one’s descendants.

As a senior politician, he should have exhibited a good example rather than tainting our political culture with the outburst of profanity. Hence, it gives a bad impression to the younger generation and in particular to those who are keen to be involved in politics and with such inclination would end up to be very discouraging for them.

Furthermore, when Nga insulted someone based on skin colour, this definitely collides with the essence of a modern and advanced political system. DAP often barks that they are anti-racism but when looking at others on the basis of skin colour, it is rather arduous to deny DAP is indeed a racist party.

Should DAP allows an uncivilised and racist candidate such as Nga Kor Meng to contest in the coming general election whilst leading Perak, without any doubt this also endorses that the party hankering is merely based on discriminations besides empty promises and wild allegations. Make no mistake, a political party such as DAP should not be given any room in our multi-racial community.




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