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Once again Mukhirz has demonstrated to us how unworthy of him to be Mahathir’s son that a father supposed to be proud of. Without realizing that the ousted Zimbabwe President Mugabe is his father’s close buddy, Mukhriz has attempted to impose PM Najib in his Twitter text and thus undo all their own controversial bonds as well.

Mukhriz’s daddy and Mugabe, their relationship are often turned into criticism and the one person currently closest to Mahathir, Kit Siang, had even questioned in parliament on the contradictory in Mahathir’s admission on timber gift valued at RM100,000 to Mugabe’s claim that his RM34 million mansion was funded partly by the Chinese and Malaysian governments.

Among others, Kit Siang raised the question of why the government is supportive of a corrupt dictator such as Mugabe while he is known by the world as notorious for his corrupt and dictatorial rule when Mahathir made the gift to the Zimbabwe President. It is even quite striking that Mahathir never denies it. But now, both the inquisitive and the accused are seen side by side.

Not too long ago, Mukhriz’s daddy once claimed to be the only dictator in the world who has resigned willingly. To him, other dictators either fallen by loot or killed. Ironically, on Mukhriz’s Twitter, he tried to link the corrupt dictator Mugabe and PM Najib Razak. Hopefully, Mukhriz would look no further but to ask Kit Siang about the two dictators’ close relationship until both are passionate of exchanging multi-million gifts.

The only difference is, Mugabe is now completely powerless in Zimbabwe but Mukhriz’s daddy is still roaming around inciting rakyat begging to reinstate him once again into power. Worst still when daddy had to seek his archenemies’ support to go against the party that had granted 22 years premiership. Who actually is still craze for power, none other than Mukhriz’s daddy?

In the pursuit of denial, everyone was told that Mukhriz’s daddy had made a pact to negotiate with Kit Siang to ensure a safe seat for his son in Pakatan Harapan. Indeed, the seat costs a few billion for DAP as disclosed by his adversary.

Before any of Mukhriz’s boys are too eager to impose on PM Najib, they should make a thorough check beforehand on his daddy’s colourful history with Mugabe. With such negligence, not only the issue is dragged to public debate, it has also tainted other Pakatan Harapan leaders and in particular Lim Kit Siang. It is too unfortunate that Mukhriz boys had turned Kit Siang from a respectable seasoned politician, now following daddy’s footsteps as an impotent chieftain.

We can now be very certain why Mahathir had to put excessive effort to ensure Mukhriz remained relevant in the political world for his son’s continual incompetence. Anyway, should Mukriz is the Prime Minister for Pakatan Harapan, one wonders how long can he survive and perhaps are we also expecting a message from the grave too?




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