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What are the political cultures that Dr Mahathir and Lim Kit Siang actually are devoting to youngsters? If judged from the response reported by the pro-opposition media portal, it is obvious that both these veteran politicians have failed to be straight in their answers but rather avoiding to divert from the actual issues.

As reported by Malaysiakini with a fairly embarrassing title, a young man urging Dr Mahathir’s honest answer Anwar Ibrahim’s unusual intimate behaviour. Alas, this young man was disappointed when Mahathir steered clear from answering it.

Then a question on cronyism was raised for Lim Kit Siang, during which Mahathir was the Prime Minister and he was the most fierce among opposition leaders who had endlessly brought the subject of the foreign currency trading activities (forex) by Bank Negara since in the early 90s. Kit Siang too seems did not provide any straight answers.

These youngsters are even more dissatisfied with Dr Mahathir’s usual antics to blame others yet he was the head of state while Kit Siang kept silent from responding or behaving viciously as he used to be each time responding to journalist questions.

The hypocrisy of these two political dinosaurs prevailed live in a forum organized by the opposition in Petaling Jaya whereby the average attendance are youngsters under the age of 35 and most of them are Chinese. The Chairman of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) and DAP advisor are the panellists who will answer any questions from the participants without any exceptions.

When judging the list of questions, these youngsters are not easily deceived by Mahathir and Kit Siang even though they are the opposition supporters. It is even worse for Kit Siang and Mahathir that even though they are now on one team, but this does not mean these youngsters are totally ignorant about Mahathir’s and Kit Siang’s histories. Apparently, they waiting for honest answers from the horses’ mouth in this forum.

For instance, when Mahathir avoid answering the issue of ISA and Operasi Lalang issue and instead, blaming the police as if all of the incidents he was innocent whereas he was the Home Minister as well, this is truly inadmissible.

Not only amongst constitutional law experts such as Aziz Bari consider Mahathir’s answer as trying to playing politics and even the participants knew that he is making a fool of himself. To them, the police are just carrying out their duties upon instruction from someone who holds power to determine final critical decisions. Mahathir however, is giving the impression to the youth that he was powerless and incompetent to decide that others are dictating him.

Perhaps there will be those who are easily swayed at the time, but Mahathir and Kit Siang should not forget that they are dealing with urban youngsters where pieces of information are just a click away. ISA detainees in the days of former Prime Minister before Mahathir were among the communists and in Mahathir’s days, ISA detainees are his personal political adversaries including Lim Kit Siang and, he will never mention them in his answers.




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