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Do not engage in excuses by finding fault with others when you knew the mistakes committed rooted from you. As if Mahathir did not know and suddenly turned obscured and muddled when Pakatan Harapan failed to be registered.In Pakatan Harapan there are DAP, PKR and two new members PAN and PPBM. As DAP has just conducted their second Central Executive Committee re-election, RoS is yet to approve them as they have not submitted any reports so far.

PPBM has their own sets of problems. 3 major issues violating party constitution were underlined by RoS that may be resulted in deregistration. Since its inception for more than a year, not a single AGM was conducted, the party youth wing Armada is not recognised and amendments done by party leaders are not in accordance with the party constitution.

Tell us, if Dr Mahathir has been truthful to other Pakatan Harapan members with his troubled PPBM? It is as if other leaders in PH are too ignorant to note the internal upheavals in his party as too frequent that PPBM branches are dissolved and en masse members exit from the party.

DAP has yet to submit their CEC second re-election reports and everyone knew this reelection was a hasty attempt to defuse disgruntled among party members. Even so, the approval will only go through if there aren’t any complains lodged by the members to RoS. Yet, none from PH demands clarification from DAP.

So, why should the reason for not knowing early as an excuse given by Dr Mahathir to Pakatan Harapan delayed registration by RoS?

With Wan Azizah’s response as PH President, as though it is a trivial matter, either she is too inarticulate to understand what political party constitution is all about or perhaps she could just wish that Dr Mahathir will not be contesting for GE14? If the latter wins, definitely her position as the Opposition Chief in a boiling hot soup.

Even among them in Pakatan Harapan, the word ‘trust’ and ‘sincere’ are never in their vocabulary. Their collaboration is just about taking advantage with one another yet, being sceptical is paramount. This has proven what PM Najib used to question if Kit Siang ever trusted Mahathir or vice versa which also include Wan Azizah and her team.

Meeting up Home Ministry officials or even the minister is just Dr Mahathir’s show to avoid from being accused solely. With someone who has led the nation and the largest Malay party UMNO for more than 2 decades, he is acting as though PPBM and Pakatan Harapan are his first baby. Don’t anyone in Pakatan Harapan felt cheated and fooled?

As long as Mahathir is still in our country political picture, not only we can see rainbows, expect hell on earth and after UMNO had to deal with all his antics for more than 2 decades, it seems that the baton is now passed on to Pakatan Harapan. There are no other words to convey to them except… HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!




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