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Building castles in the sky are not how PM Najib will lead the nation for the future. In fact, he rather not take populist steps as what the oppositions in Pakatan Harapan have offered to Malaysians that are indeed unrealistic and uncertain to accomplish. PM Najib appears to be firm in his stance and ever ready to face unpopular risks yet it will be the right stride.

A clear example is the GST issue that is necessary for the country financial stability in the event of a lesser national income as world oil prices decreased. Implementing GST is not a populist action and this is one of Pakatan Harapan main campaign topic for GE14. Regrettably, Pakatan Harapan has no answer to replace the missing 40 billion GST annual revenue and without guts, they did not appear them in their alternative budget.

Just look at Penang, the closest example of a failed Pakatan Harapan state that almost sunk the island due to lack of competency to face flood calamity. In DAP campaign during GE12, they promised Penangites that they are capable to solve the flood problems in just one term if Penang is given to them. Not only the problems are unsolved, the situation is getting from bad to even more disastrous and the people are increasingly suffering. Eventually, DAP had to rely solely on federal government aid.

Speaking at the opening of Negaraku Expo in Dataran Merdeka on last Wednesday night, PM Najib cited that one should look no further on how Barisan Nasional-led federal government has developed the country. The MRT project is the true pride of the nation whereby it is built by local experts that not only it was completed before schedule, about RM2 billion is saved.

PM Najib underlined that the Barisan Nasional Government would not promise to the rakyat if they knew it could not be made. As the rakyat can now witness for themselves that the future of the country and the people are in good hands, hence what is the need to change the present government to those who have failed?

All the achievements and aspirations of the Barisan Nasional-led government under the leadership of Najib’s PM can be witnessed at Expo Negaraku 2017. Expect distinctness with the latest and sophisticated technology showcasing detailed information on current infrastructure and development that has been designed and is being implemented for a better living for all Malaysians in the future.

Visitors will have the chance to see a highly interactive exposition such as the ‘touch screen’ that gives you an up-close experience. The expo is led by the Economic Planning Unit in collaboration with government and private agencies. Additional to that, a special package for students from rural areas including accommodation and discounts as an incentive.

The expo will last for a month until Dec 15 and opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm.

Indeed, our future is already in good hands and there is need to look left or right but we should just walk straight with the present government. It is paramount that we will not easily fall into Pakatan Harapan empty promises and vulnerable to their hate incitements. Hence, Barisan Nasional will inevitably bring the nation and rakyat to better future that everyone will be proud of.

Just remember, before we even wish to believe that Pakatan Harapan could build castles in the sky, see what has happened to Penang and Selangor, are they improving or becoming worse?




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