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From the press statement issued by PPBM Secretary-General to answer RoS concerns on the issues that could result in the party to be deregistered, it turns out that they are still insisting to rebuke the three major mistakes pointed out earlier.Yet, he seems confident that their so-called legal experts had confirmed that no violation had occurred in the party constitution, thus illustrating that they have adhered to RoS requirements.

On the other hand, in a counter-statement to Dr Shahruddin, RoS affirmed that PPBM leaderships have violated their own constitution and highlighted 3 important issues as such;

a. PPBM is yet to organise its Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is its inception and that has passed over a year;

b. RoS found out that only 12 supreme council members were present in their extraordinary general meeting (EGM), held November 2, 2016 and adjourned the meeting without any provision in the party’s constitution, and;

c. The term ‘Armada’ to represent its youth wing is illegal and not recognised by the RoS.

Based on PPBM constitution in Clause 28 stated that any amendment to the party constitution must be endorsed by not less than 2/3 of the delegates present at the AGM or EGM. Hence, the above 3 are considered by RoS as an offence that could lead to deregistration of the party.

In fact, its Chairman Dr Mahathir has already admitted that PPBM has failed to hold any AGM since its inception. Despite any reason given, he admits them unlike what was written by their Secretary General. The question is, why should they contradict each other? What is going on exactly within PPBM and among their top leaders?

PPBM has issued a denial statement just to pacify their members and supporters and the tendency to demonise RoS is expected too. Hence, RoS too has issued a warning to anyone who attempts to do so and will not hesitate to proceed legal actions against them.

Should PPBM or Pakatan Harapan feel they are on the right track and RoS is being unjust and legally wrong, their professional lawyers should advise Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin to challenge RoS in court. But until today, both have agreed to adhere to RoS requests instead. This clearly shows, they knew and admit mistakes done by them.

Whatever has happened in PPBM, with the internal power struggle and en masse exit from grassroots and now added with the possibility the party may be deregistered, there are rumours running wild that the latest development is deliberately granted by Dr Mahathir. As it is obvious, between Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin exist conflict and it is undeniable any longer.

Should PPBM is eventually deregistered, will it not be possible if Dr Mahathir creates a new political party and if Mukhriz is not the President who else? If this is how Dr Mahathir wants Mukhriz to remain relevant in politics, it seems that Muhyiddin should work wiser so that he would not be on Dr Mahathir’s “chopping block”.

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