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The Dewan Rakyat passed the Supply Bill (Bill) 2018 which provided RM280.25 billion for the Budget 2018 and this included allocation to the states administered by the opposition. But when the Bill was read for the 2nd time to be approved, 59 MPs from the opposition bloc voted out and 11 others abstained.

By denying the federal government budget, are the opposition MPs also disagreeing allocations for their administered states to be given? Do they really understood what they are voting for or are they opposing just for the sake to oppose them?

In 2018 Budget recently presented by PM Najib Razak mentioned that RM234.25 billion from the total budget of RMRM280.25 billion is allocated for operations and the balance of about RM46 billion is meant for development. Under the operating allocation, a total ofRM79.15 billion is for emoluments and RM33.62 billion for services and supplies.

Even when requesting to upgrade Penang International Airport, while begging, Guan Eng did not miss his chance to speak out his vicious insinuations towards the federal government and PM Najib Razak as though it will turn out to be another empty promise. Guan Eng even rejected explanation given to his request was due to the 2017 budget constraints.

To Guan Eng, all his demands must be met even after all the wild accusations towards the federal government. He who thought any approvals from the federal government are as easily manoeuvring the million ringgit for Penang bogus study in the tunnel project. Whereas, the federal government will have to go through thorough studies and various other processes before any allocations are approved.

Remain unpalatable, Guan Eng urged the Federal Government to provide RM500 to every household involved in the recent flood calamity as what PM Najib had given to the people of Kelantan during the massive floods in 2014. Not only Guan Eng is being ungrateful and now he is envious of the Kelantan people.

Yet, Guan Eng is one of those from the opposition bloc who opposed to approving 2018 budget.

On the same note, Bayan Baru PKR MP Sim Tze Tzin had also rejected the 2018 Budget but at the same time, during the debate session in parliament, he demanded the federal government to add RM2 billion from flood funds to Penang for flood relief. It is such a pathetic melodrama by the barefaced Pakatan Harapan MPs. It is truly idiotic when he is oblivious that the federal government has included an allocation of RM517 million for flood mitigation projects across the country.

The question is not the federal government aids should be doubted but where are the surplus revenue that Guan Eng and DAP-led Penang government used to laud? As at today, why are DAP Penang promises as on December 15, 2013 to Penangites that they are capable to eradicate all flood miseries and problems within a single term, still unfulfilled?

Enough is enough! If Penangites reject DAP and PKR in the coming GE14, they are the wisest people to reject these bunch of idiot leaders.




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