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While many have suggested not to politicized floods that inundated 80% of Penang with muddy water in the Island areas and clear water in other areas, Lim Guan Eng and the Penang state government leaders continue to politicize the calamity.Lim Guan Eng claimed that the federal government does not provide any assistance to the Penang state government despite the majority of the flood victims have received various aid procured by the Federal Government since November 4.

DAP and Lim Guan Eng ill intentions are that the Federal Government aids should be channelled to him first as the head of Penang state and later he can portray to the media it is his sole effort to claim every credit and belittle the federal government. Such malice act is easily comprehended.

Whoever is not conscious of Guan Eng and DAP crafty politics, they are still the naive breed. While the past allocation from the federal government for the state flood mitigation project was not properly conducted, what more the billions of provisions approved by PM Najib. In managing all these provisions and aids from the federal government for the people of Penang, Guan Eng can be regarded as an irresponsible and deceitful Chief Minister even to his own people.

The Penangites were once deceived into thinking that the state finances were at a surplus level whereas Guan Eng had deliberately secreted the Auditor General’s reports stating that all Penang revenues were the result of the purchase of Federal Government over the State Water Department assets. In addition, Penang revenue was also generated after Guan Eng had briskly sold state land to his favoured developers.

In any case, aid to flood victims in Penang, the Federal Government does not need Guan Eng’s state government as their middleman. Federal government departments and agencies are sufficient enough to be mobilized to ensure the aid reached right up to the flood victims.

We need to remember that PM Najib is not Guan Eng’s ancestors’ inheritance custodian hence the federal government allocations should first go through thorough processes and procedures outlined and set forth. It will be very appropriate that the allocation for flood mitigation projects amounting to RM1 billion is not channelled direct to Guan Eng and DAP-led government instead it will continue to be managed by the federal.

Furthermore, it will be futile if the Federal Government would spend billions of Ringgit for Penang to implement flood mitigation projects to deepen the rivers and increase the capacity of drainage and monsoon drain if Guan Eng still fails to control and managed the state property amply. Should the hill slopes and hillsides are still greedily permitted, expect continuous mud flood when drains, ditches and rivers are filled with sediments.

Penangites, you have no other choices! Get rid of Guan Eng and DAP in the next general election and reinstate Barisan Nasional to Penang. Unless and until this truly happens, Penang will lose its glory as the true Pearl of the Orient eternally.




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