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When Prime Minister Najib arrived home from America upon the elected President Trump invitation to White House, at KLIA, he shared to his supporters how President Trump had personally accompanied him to his car regardless of his officer’s request on the grounds that PM Najib is his friend and it is OK!

Later, the opposition bloc and in particular from Pakatan Harapan began posting their usual trivial remarks as though it was just a show-off and perhaps a trumped-up story.However, once again the Pakatan Harapan cyber troopers were mortified when President Trump cited the following remarks right in front of ASEAN leaders and delegations in US-ASEAN summit in Manila. Magnificently he said;”Prime Minister Najib is a good friend of mine, a very good friend of mine. We have known each other before I became President, when I was in the business world. In life, you will never know where you will end up”.

It hurts Pakatan Harapan, isn’t it?

It did not take too long and as though President Donald Trump himself has answered to Pakatan Harapan’s goons thus a big blow to their leaders that Malaysia and US relations remain intact as he and PM Najib are close. Perhaps President Trump could not say it out loud, but the message is clear to note how worthless their efforts were and foolish they can be.

Earlier, PH cyber troopers viral images of PM Najib and his wife as though they were deliberately ignored by President Trump while passing behind his back in a dinner during APEC Conference in Da Nang, Vietnam.

PM Najib and President Trump had left for Manila to attend the 31st ASEAN Summit soon after Vietnam and in his speech at the ASEAN-America’s 40th Anniversary Memorial Summit in Manila and it was held in conjunction with the 3rd ASEAN Summit, once again President Trump praised PM Najib publicly. In addition, this was done in the presence of ASEAN leaders at the ceremony.

When PM Najib posted a photo of him with President Trump while in Manila and it seems that the more PH goons tried to humiliate PM Najib and his wife, the more it turned out that they look foolish by the minute.

Should anyone ever consider to level up Dr Mahathir’s level in the major power world, it is shocking to know when had to lobby and pay millions of dollar just to have a few minutes meeting with President Bush. A local journo who accompanied Dr Mahathir in an international conference during his reign as the Prime Minister shared his part of the story that the foreign media were ignoring him while other world leaders were swarmed by them to seek for opinions.

Pakatan Harapan cyber troopers should try much harder to question PM Najib’s popularity with world leaders as President Trump personally has already spoken and provided answers to illustrate how foolish they can be, hence it hurts that bad, isn’t it?




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