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If we may recall, PM Najib Razak once said, “When I am the President of UMNO, I dissolved the “quota votes” and “bonus votes”, thus my fate is left to the 165,000 UMNO members nationwide.” That is to say, UMNO leadership was previously determined by only a handful delegates comprises of heads of divisions of about 2,000 voters. But today, UMNO supreme members will be chosen by the hundreds of thousand members from the gras

sroots nationwide.With such political transformation in its true sense conducted by UMNO that without a doubt, they have shown a bold, mature and should be emulated by DAP for a literal democracy instead of just claiming them.

Unfortunately, DAP is still at its old notch that their present leaders have no guts to make any improvements to the party. It is even more unfortunate for their members that Kit Siang is still hanging unto power that DAP today has converted into family belongings.

The last DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) re-election held last week was for the third time after Registrar of Society (RoS) had to reject the previous two due to their own mistakes in which they have failed to comply in accordance with own party constitution. DAP eventually had to admit that they are not above the law and all the brouhaha are just their diversion tactics from own silly mistakes.

Not only DAP members but Malaysians too are highly expecting changes and improvements in this third CEC re-election. After the results were announced, DAP appears to be still retaining most of their previous leaders in which Kit Siang and Guan Eng still stand and win. Most likely, most delegates have already known who will remain in the CEC and the expected defeat that only 54% are present to vote.

Indeed, this third CEC re-election should be based on the list of delegates entitled to attend and vote but did RoS mentioned that the previous candidates too should remain the same as the previous Dec 15, 2012 lists? In fact, as confirmed by Dr Tan Seng Giaw that he was not informed to appear as one of the candidates hence he did not campaign. Probably Dr Tan is not favoured and therefore all DAP need to do is just stick to the previous CEC list.

Was the significant deterioration delegates turnout in this third CEC re-election illustrates a show of members’ protest who no longer believing in Guan Eng’s leadership and the Lim Dynasty presence?

It is more irony when the CEC election results distinctly highlighted their anti-Malay standpoint in which no Malay candidate wins. The late Khir Johari’s stepson is a Chinese with a Malay name and thus Zairil does not represent any Malays in DAP. All Malay candidates were defeated by shameful votes of less than a hundred. Hence, can Kit Siang and DAP remain to laud DAP as a multiracial party or even more democratic from UMNO and MCA?

There is nothing dignified in this third CEC re-election as there is no reform to it. The selected candidates are still the old faces but with a significant decline in turnout. Malays and Indians are sidelined once again and very unfortunate for Sabahans and Sarawakians when they are totally ignored.

It will be more appropriate to conclude that this third CEC re-election, DAP still insisting on their despotic politics rather than upholding a healthier and transparent democracy as UMNO has done. If truly DAP calls for reforms, they will have to begin with their own party first or it is apparent that DAP can never gain the trust from the rakyat to ‘ubah’.

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