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When Azmin speaks out and questions about 1MDB, the key point that is often demanded are that the federal government and ruling party Barisan Nasional ought to respect the freedom and the rights of the people to know with true information, hence all information must be disclosed.

Azmin seems determined to make Selangor a transparent administration to convey information to the rakyat and shall never be privy to them.Alas, when PAC published the 1MDB investigation report, Azmin was silent as the grave and no response is acquired.

Everyone in Malaysia knew that Azmin’s administration is the only state and among the opposition, the bloc is still reluctant to sign the Combating Corruption Pledge. Apparently, all are answered when Azmin issued a formal directive reminding all state government agencies to hinder subscription to Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian yet without providing any substantial reasonings.

All of the above contributed to Azmin and his allies from DAP and PKR, to re-evaluate their capability to bring the richest state in Malaysia to a better height and above all, if their second term in power is worth the voters’ trust either to retain them or to show them out. Hence, should anyone anticipate that Azmin, PKR and DAP are in a state of panic, it is true and make no mistake about them.

As often challenged by PM Najib to the opposition blocs and even the rakyat, they ought to centre their dissatisfaction arguments on BN-led government policies rather than attempting to personal attacks. But, it is indeed surprising when Azmin who often portrays to be better and credible from his predecessor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, is trying very hard to hinder from public discussions on his state-led policies when Utusan and BH newspapers are banned in his administration.

Without a doubt, Utusan and Berita Harian are the mouthpieces that will definitely report and opined the opposite sides of the coin for the oppositions. However, by banning Utusan and BH from states government agencies, will this be Azmin’s wise effort to hinder Selangor voters from obtaining news?

When there are among the rakyat who belittled Azmin’s attempt as immature, it seemed impossible that anyone could deny them. Didn’t Azmin know that even Selangor voters in the rural are IT savvy and what more when most of the urbanites owned a smartphone, information and news are just a click away? Banned the newspapers but news are still available and widespread, so what can Azmin do next? Banned the internet and prohibit smartphones?

It seems that as long as Azmin and Pakatan Harapan are given another chance to win again in GE14, not only will the Selangor people not be able to enjoy the booming development brought by PM Najib and Barisan Nasional, Azmin and Pakatan Harapan will definitely continue to bring them backwards which eventually from an advanced state, Selangor will be turned to be a failed government.

Is this what the Selangor voters voted for previously?

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