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Earlier they lied on the 1 million signatures for ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign and now another lie surfaced by Registrar of Society (RoS) that in their official statement disclosed Mahathir’s new party PPBM serious blunder.

RoS pointed out the ‘Armada’ which represents their youth wing was never part of the party’s constitution hence, this is a serious offence that could result PBBM to be dissolved in accordance with the Societies Act 1966.

It has been more than a year since PPBM is registered, but two important matters are not done according to the law. First, amendments to the PPBM constitution using the term ‘ARMADA’and the second, PPBM is yet to hold its Annual General Meeting at branch or division level. Are they intentional?

Not to mention when PPBM lines of supreme leaders are those comprises of lawmakers, professionals, senior journo and seasoned politicians such as Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin, yet the fundamentals in a political party constitution are being ignored. All these people are supposed to be not only familiar with rules and regulations, but they should be upholding the law as claimed to be better and trustworthy than UMNO leaders.

Within just a few months after their launching, Malaysians are entertained with the internal upheavals in PPBM. En masse exit from grassroots members happened in every other month while the top leaders are jostling for positions at the higher level.

PPBM is also said to be in disarray when there is a clear friction between Dr Mahathir and Muhyiddin that 2 divisive camps are in conflict to fight for positions and influence. Evidently, the party’s final decision rightfully from the president is clearly snatched away by the party Chairman Dr Mahathir.

Series of mega assemblies were initiated by PPBM and led by Armada, but the presence of members and supporters are very disappointing compared to all their mass efforts to promote in the social media. The recent anti-kleptocracy rally is another big blow to them. Despite a joint of 2 senior political parties from DAP and PKR, they also suffered a breakthrough when participants present are way far from the 100,000 target.

PPBM youth wing, ‘Armada’ was fiercely criticised when their ‘Nothing to Hide 2.0’ programme eventually turned into a riot ground where among them started to throw objects and chairs to each other. The bewildering incident is said to start from Dr Mahathir’s attempts to avoid answering questions from the floor whereas he has promised to answer anything even if they involved his past stance against his archenemy.

With the official disclosure from RoS, after more than 48 hours, Dr Mahathir who normally would not miss any chance to make his statements on any issues, he has been keeping mum to at least raise doubts on RoS statements and link it with malice intentions from his political adversaries. Worst still when Syed Saddiq who led the party’s youth wing was found disappeared to defend even his own self.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that PPBM existed for over a year has been surviving with lies and deceiving not only the rakyat, even worse their own members and that’s that.

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