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Ops Lalang was meant particularly to detain Dr Mahathir’s political adversary that the initial detention was done at the discretion of the police. To avoid continuing blamed by the people, Dr Mahathir appeared in an interview to a news portal to share his thoughts about Ops Lalang in 1987.

It is never a surprise instead they have always been expected if Dr Mahathir were to shift blames to others for his past wrongdoings. As for Ops Lalang, Dr Mahathir blamed the police for their actions and supposedly resulted in his reputation tarnished as Prime Minister.The usual crafty answers to deceive the rakyat, Dr Mahathir deliberately missed out that he was the Home Affairs Minister as well, who approved the police detention and to the extent, he is responsible for every extended detention or repeated detention from the usual 60 days to forever.

Too unfortunate for Dr Mahathir, as he is hopeful that blaming the police, he is able to absolve from all blame and criticism but they turned out to be otherwise.

Some would even question that since when that Dr Mahathir succumbed to the police instructions when nowhere in the law stated that he must submit to police advice and blindly ignored when the police detained people without trial.

Despite admitting that he was not behind Operasi Lalang, most people are still demanding that Dr Mahathir ought to take full responsibility for the oppression to not only the detainees but including their families too.

There are those among the Ops Lalang detainees who urged the rakyat not to allow Dr Mahathir to feign innocence on his role in the mass arrest on his political adversaries. They still believed that Ops Lalang was orchestrated by him.

What is obvious, even if Dr Mahathir vigorously give numerous excuses, but he never once or would have apologized. Not to say that he would apologise to other Ops Lalang detainees, even to Kit Siang and Guan Eng who is now close to him, he did not do so.

Hence, to the detainees and their families, Dr Mahathir never felt an inch of guilt nor regretted in the true sense.

Dr Mahathir too was reminded that he cannot conveniently erase or escape from history and judging from the detainees’ and their families’ feedbacks, we can witness clearly that they did not budge to put the total blame solely on Dr Mahathir instead of IGP as has been claimed by him recently.

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