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Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and all Malaysians even including the world, not that they did not know that PM Najib has been and will always be DAP’s main defamation subject, their ultimate material to sell in all the political talks with the main intention that their audience will continuously be instigated to hate him. To scorn PM Najib is as though DAP’s staple food.As is often said in his statements, those states administered by the opposition bloc will never be discriminated against his administration. It is evident since he took office, during massive floods hit Kelantan, he personally went down to the ground to look into the mass destruction and the rakyat sufferings thus announced hundreds of millions of aid to the state government.

Not only during a disaster, PM Najib has also come to the aid for Selangor to increase their foreign investments which left the way wide open to China and America.

Now Penang is almost sunk and it is obviously due to Guan Eng’s and DAP’s failures to safeguard the locals interests. Everyone knows and indeed to deny that the worst of this time are the result of Guan Eng’s cocky failures as the head of state. He has been deliberately ignorant to take seriously to the people’s unrest appeals and anxieties to stop from damaging the environment.

The people of Penang also witnessed how greed has conquered Guan Eng and DAP administration who have made oddless profits of tens of billions from the sale of Penang’s assets and land. However, Guan Eng and DAP cannot afford to deny any longer since all are written loud and clear in the Auditor-General’s Report.

The issue is, even with no encouraging development of foreign investments, while Guan Eng and DAP making tons of money from states land and assets, regrettably, all profits are not channelled to his peoples’ interests when this year alone, Penang suffered 20 flood incidents.

Floods that hit Penang recently have caused seven deaths and thousands of people suffered heavy losses. Whereas earlier we are served with news of 11 victims died in a landslide tragedy in a hillside housing project. Shouldn’t Guan Eng be very wary and prepared to face any eventuality when the indication is so clear that Penang will be confronted with calamity?

As Penang situation is out of control and the people are squashed by the severe gushing flood, Guan Eng finally begs help from the federal government despite his obvious reluctance.

As a man who honours his principles and promises where the people are always his priority and no one will be abandoned, including those of the divisive states, Datuk Seri Najib Razak who is well-known to be compassionate, has lent his shoulder to cry on for Penangites. Even though the aid provided is abundance, it is not just about the material but his presence with his wife to comfort and listening to the victims’ miseries are above everything.

Simultaneously, PM Najib has also directed all rescue machinery from the federal government which also include assistance from Barisan Nasional component parties to assist the victims in whatever ways. Hence, this is the true meaning when Barisan Nasional meant with their “People First” slogan.

Guan Eng and DAP are what they used to be, the bunch of ungrateful brats. Upon approval of RM150 by PM Najib to Penang aid, in split second without any words of thanks, Guan Eng in his statement as published by Roketkini and Singapore media began his malice game that PM Najib only managed to approve previous provisions and nothing new is provided.

Unknowingly, Guan Eng is embarrassing himself when even in his own record, he failed to manage the state’s financial allocation from the federal government. Logically, if it is a provision of 2016 and still untouched, it indicates that Guan Eng deliberately has no intention to fix the flood mitigation in Penang whereas it was approved in 2016.

In other words, realizing that the federal government provision was never depleted by Guan Eng to solve the flood problems in Penang, PM Najib had to address them and made him realize that this 2016 provision should be properly channelled and not kept for the benefit of DAP.

As all eyes are now wide open to witness PM Najib Razak’s serious concern to all rakyat regardless of political affiliation. Hence, no one in this nation is able to lend their shoulders to cry on except him and Barisan Nasional leaders. As for Guan Eng and Pakatan Harapan, be more serious to save Penang first rather than shouting to save Malaysia. Malaysians already have PM Najib who will endlessly lend his shoulder to cry on for us.




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