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The flood situation that hit Penang is not a common occurrence but when witnessing at its destruction, we are quite shocked to be informed that the island is about to sink. This catastrophe is getting worse every rainy season and more unfortunate is the Penangites, they are forced to face the worst misery within DAP ruling for only 8 years.If according to Penang flood records, this year only, the island has suffered more than 20 times. Worst still when Penang misery is added by landslide tragedy that had sacrificed lives.

Well aware that Penangites are outraged and overly disappointed with the state government attitude and actions who are fond of giving unreasonable excuses just to slip away from own mistakes and incapabilities, Guan Eng immediately launched the RM100 million ‘Safe-Penang’ package to provide relief with more than 100,000 families and businesses suffering from flood losses.

The doubt here, is the RM100 million aid from DAP genuine enough? The flood victims are also promised for a 10% discount assessment whereas it is Guan Eng himself who passed the hike up to between 14% to 16%. Why was it only RM100 million for Penangites when Guan Eng could manage to pay his underwater tunnel consultant for RM220 million? As it is, the project remains a hoax.

As stated clearly in Auditor General’s Report, since 2008, Penang’s assets and land sold is worth up to RM37 billion in which there are those without tenders to crony companies and some are deposited to the bank. How little is allocated to the people of Penang if compared to the monstrous amount from disposing of the pieces of the states land?

The main cause of the catastrophic floods in Penang is the hill slopes project that was approved with intense greed by Guan Eng’s own administration. The projects are previously opposed by the locals but to no avail, Guan Eng kept his deaf ears and blind eyes tight to ignore their concerns and rights. In fact, among them are considered as Guan Eng’s adversary. The question now is whether this RM100 million package is a way to hush Penangites?

The whole nation knows that DAP has failed to govern Penang and is very keen to deceive its people. What is obvious, the package offered by DAP is actually to ‘Save DAP and Guan Eng’ instead of saving Penang in the true sense and thus a populist attempt to shroud their weaknesses and mistakes.

DAP and Guan Eng’s evident arrogance, false promises and lies will continue to serve the Penangites, and that’s for sure! The only thing that Guan Eng and DAP no longer able to deny is that Penang today is truly a failed state when its people no longer could feel safe and protected. Only within 8 years, whatever concerned with DAP, it will definitely lead to destruction.

It will be more accurate to rename the package as ‘Save Guan Eng and DAP’ package. Hence, it will also be appropriate for Pakatan Harapan to start saving Penang first before deluding Malaysians that they can save Malaysia. As for Penangites, do not hesitate to declare that their main enemy is their own Chief Minister and expect hell in Penang as long as Guan Eng and DAP are still around.

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