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In their daydreams and highly ambitious cravings to seize Putrajaya from Barisan Nasional, the Selangor 2018 budget tabled recently is unquestionable to be categorized as a budget that is dubious and certainly, it is unrealistic. More significantly are their inabilities of a mixed PKR-DAP-led government that they are compelled to copy what the Barisan Nasional federal government has done.Each year BN-led federal government had never missed granting bonuses to 1.6 million civil servants which include retirees. Without an inch of shame, Azmin conveniently copied the federal government’s idea and only to show off that Selangor could offer more. Regrettably, in actual, Azmin could only fulfil a month bonus instead of 3 as what he had announced.

He has repeated his crafty words for 2018 budget when declaring once again 3 months bonus but in actual fact, it is only a month bonus when Azmin later included them in the previous 2 months bonus paid earlier. Can you define how dishonest the Selangor government to the 17,000 public servants?

Next, when BN included in their 2018 budget to provide aides of RM200 a month for 3 months period to paddy farmers before harvest season, Azmin copied the similar idea but they only managed to hand out insurance instead. The insurance scheme is just policies that eventually these 10,000 paddy farmers ended up with nothing. In fact, the BN-led federal government has spent up to RM39 million for every season to Selangor farmers.

The BN-led federal government has disbursed about RM2.9 billion to maintain roads in Selangor for about 16,679 kilometres under the Record Information System (Marris) since 2012. When questioned by the Barisan Nasional representative in the recent DUN sitting, only then that Azmin’s administration issued an error notice. This is evident how Azmin could be inattentive and inept in providing correct figures for Selangor budget.

Come to think of it, are the roads genuinely maintained in Selangor?

In his Selangor Budget speech, Azmin condemned Prime MinisterNajib Razak’s visit to America that Selangor will not kneel to the White House to call for investments. Every Malaysian knew but perhaps not Azmin that PM Najib visited President Trump upon personal invitation. In fact, Malaysia has moved a step further to invest in America instead of the usual call for foreign investments to our country.

Even so, if we are to compare what Azmin has brought back from America was only RM446 million compared to PM Najib who succeeded handsomely attracts investment to Malaysia of RM80 billion and simultaneously, Malaysia is given the opportunity to trade in billions in the US.

The same goes for Azmin’s visit to China that without PM Najib’s auspicious efforts, Azmin would not be able to bring back the RM144 billion investment to Selangor. Azmin’s presence was just to complete the trade negotiated earlier.

Before Azmin could even rap the BN-led federal government, it seems he is only capable of continuing what was ever ready in Selangor yet without any single significant reforms. The fact that the budget presented by Azmin is nothing special when almost all the incentives given are copied from Barisan Nasional’s ideas.

All that is in the Pakatan Harapan alternative budget, none is included for Selangor whereby it should be their best precedent. Promises such as free education to all local universities and to abolish all tolls, none is applicable to not only Selangor budget but Penang too. As such, it seems that both Azmin and Guan Eng are not keen to honour their own promises even at this early stage.

Even in their own ruling states they have evidently failed to administer, failed to execute their own promises and failed to be emulated, are they still reliable and trustworthy to manage the nation?

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