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In order to keep up with Kit Siang and DAP, Dr Mahathir once apologized to Malaysians for his past mistakes and in particular certain policies that used to be DAP’s favourite topics to condemn him. After constantly being criticised publicly and given the impression that although Kit Siang has accepted him as an ally, there are still among the party leaders regarded it as odd partners.An apology would not be easily granted even if all Dr Mahathir’s accusations against PM Najib proven to be lies. This happens after he makes his admission that PM Najib Razak is his main enemy, and now Dr Mahathir has taken his hostility to a personal level beyond politics.

After tearing down everything about Prime Minister Najib’s family that even his daughter’s wedding was scorned, Dr Mahathir moved another step to insult PM Najib’s Bugis family descendants. The Bugis are regarded as pirates and as such, Dr Mahathir insisted that PM Najib should be thrown back to their homeland in Sulawesi Indonesia.

Perhaps this is Dr Mahathir’s approach to attract listeners in his talk as the Kleptocracy rally failed to get the people response as expected. Their initial target was quite ambitious to gather 100,000 attendance but unfortunately, the presence was far from what was anticipated that the pro-opposition portal Malaysiakini only wrote with 5,000 attendance.

The anti-Kleptocracy rally was supposed to be Pakatan Harapan’s largest gathering as it is a joint effort of 2 senior political parties from DAP and PKR with another 2 juniors from PPBM and PAN. Above all, the speakers are no less than superstars in the nation’s politics.

Being too determined to promote their anti-kleptocracy campaigns, Dr Mahathir had to include the name calling on Bugis as pirates in his sarcasm. Hence, being too accustomed to insulting others with various name callings, Dr Mahathir not only hurt the Bugis in the country, apparently their anger spread to our neighbouring country in Indonesia. It is said that the Indonesian Vice-President Jusuf Kalla is also very much offended and regarded that it is unbecoming of someone who used to be Malaysia Prime Minister for 22 years.

We can witness that even in Facebook and Twitter, mostly disagree with Dr Mahathir’s insults to the Bugis people and it is even more surprising, the criticism is mostly flooded by the Indonesians including their online news portal.

It was the British who labelled Bugis clans as pirates when they were frequently attacked at sea whereas, in actual fact, they are warriors who were defending their homeland. Historically, British had never conquered Indonesia. The British are also known for name callings and they are those who enlivening on a caste system in India that the lower class comprises of their servants are the ‘pariahs’.

Should PM Najib is as repulsive as Dr Mahathir, will he not remind that Dr Mahathir’s descendants are in what the British regarded them? It is indeed far from Najib’s well-mannered personality if compared to this Dr Mahathir.

Despite being demanded and urged to apologize and certainly the Bugis people are more than willing to appreciate it or to forgive him, knowing Dr Mahathir as someone known for his recalcitrant, to remain dumb is preferable and this obviously illustrates that he never regrets hurting others.

Even if Malaysians will have to face the consequences, the ‘I am sorry’ shall be the most difficult words for Dr Mahathir and what more to take responsibility and admit his mistakes. All the behaviours such as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding, completes him as someone suffering from the narcissistic personality disorder. Let us not expect any apology any longer.

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