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Having failed to tarnish the nation and PM Najib Razak’s leadership image in the eyes of the world and the attempt to sabotage our economy, Pakatan Harapan (PH) DAP-led and chaired by Dr Mahathir are now trying to sabotage the rakyat’s interests. Their election campaign issues are focused on GST and ahead of the 2018 budget, PH is now intimidating the rakyat that GST percentage will be raised, hence they will have every reason to eliminate this tax system.

Although repeatedly disagreed with the implementation of the GST, Dr Mahathir has pledged once again to abolish the GST if he wins. This time he cited the reason for the rise of the government financial expenditure as in the civil servants rising salaries and several other populist measures under Prime Minister Najib-led government. It is truly damning when Dr Mahathir also included his blames on the increase for mosque staff allowances and their Hajj financing.

Among all, what was suggested by DAP previously to downsize civil servants if they win the general election, they are now cited by Dr Mahathir that most likely these civil servants may face pay cuts if Pakatan Harapan wins.

Before we wish to believe in Pakatan Harapan and Dr Mahathir promises, we need to look into their Chairman’s administration clear records that were never in favour to the rakyat and in particular the common people. Among them include approved of the toll increase 3 times a year with 10% in each increase, allowing the bank interest rate rise up to several percents annually, charging school fees and SPM exam fees and last but not least he even raised the car taxes to protect against Proton failure.

To Pakatan Harapan DAP-led and Dr Mahathir, rail projects such East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) and High-Speed Rail (HSR) KL-Singapore as introduced by PM Najib to be an alternative and preferable future mode of public transport is considered as a waste. Perhaps, he who now owns a private-jet company may have forgotten how awful it is to travel to Kedah from Kuala Lumpur, rakyat needs to face traffic jams on the highway especially during festive seasons.

The ECRL project estimated cost is around RM55 billion while HSR KL-Singapore is in the range of RM60 billion, the total of these two projects worth about RM115 billion. Simultaneously, both of these projects are able to create 75,000 jobs opportunity and especially the younger generation. Compare how many billions in Dr Mahathir’s administration were thwarted to bail out ailing companies including his friends’ and sons’? Does this benefit the people?

Not to mention when more than RM30 billion BNM Forex in the days of Dr Mahathir was gone into thin air and that had happened in early 90’s. Is this not a significant waste? Imagine if this RM30 billion is valued today, how many more facilities can be enjoyed by us? All the money lost and spent arbitrarily to protect his friends’ interests, ultimately, who will have to endure them if not the present government?

Who is the real culprit trying to sabotage the interests of the people?




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