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Lim Kit Siang was extremely angry at the media when he was allegedly aspiring to be the next Prime Minister. He claimed that after 52 years of politics he had never made any open remarks for the Prime Minister post, what more to dream as he is already in his 70’s.

It is equally the same as when DAP claims that the party is a democratic party beholding the name – Democratic Action Party. Do we actually believe it is a democratic party per say while their CEC election is still doubted and hence not recognised by the Registrar of Society? The party itself is dominated by the Lim Dynasty whereby Lim Kit Siang was in total control of the party for the last 52 years.

Kit Siang seemed relieved and delighted when Dr Mahathir helped make a disclaimer. Whatever the denials are and whoever denies them, it is a pity that no one will believe. Hence the rakyat is not easily fooled or confused as they are aware of their deeds rather than words.

It will be appropriate to reflect what the former DAP Vice Chairman Tun Aziz who used to equate DAP to North Korea. Despite having the word ‘democratic’ in both names whereby the country’s full name is Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) but the state never hold any general elections.

That is the very reason why Lim Kit Siang can last long a long time when the party’s electoral system is very undemocratic.

Lim Kit Siang continues to manipulate the slogan “UBAH” slogan ever since during the 13th General Election. Will the rakyat still wish to trust in this void

Have we not learnt enough lesson to see what they did in Penang after capturing the state for the second term? His son Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister is charged for graft while their senior exco is charged for illegal factory and cronyism is conquering all mega projects. Allies who fiercely criticising them such as Dr Norlela is deliberately sidelined and mocked.

Thus, when anyone should not judge a book by its cover applies Lim Kit Siang’s denial too well. He can deny it, but of course, his ploy will include perhaps beginning with appointing a “Puppet Prime Minister” while in fact, he is the Prime Minister.

Now that Zaid has admitted, Kit Siang is the most qualified candidate for the Prime Minister to be followed by another DAP leader, Prof Ramasamy, also known as the Villain Professor, has claimed that Lim Kit Siang is on the “top” chart as the Prime Minister candidate compared to others.

Both statements are sufficient to confirm that Lim Kit Siang is aspiring to be the next Prime Minister or it has been DAP main agenda should Pakatan Harapan wins in the coming general election.

To them, Lim Kit Siang had long fought and still surviving. Should it ever happened, expect to be ruled by a true dictator in the nation’s history and perhaps it will be more dictatorial than Dr Mahathir.

Zaid and Ramasamy are just DAP lackey to convey Kit Siang’s wishes and perhaps to past the test the market first and wait for the response from the rakyat especially from among their allies in Pakatan Harapan.

Make no mistake, even within DAP, he is able to control the party with iron fists, the same will not apply when he is the Prime Minister? For all one knows, the once claimed as draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) may be reinstated. Lest we forget that DAP never once criticized Singapore for maintaining them while PM Najib Razak has long abolished them.

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