“Oh, and please don’t call me ‘your friend’, I also don’t like being embarrassed in public”, Tony Pua wrote in his Facebook referring ‘your friend’ to Dato’ Eric See-To who had once provided a personal loan of RM100,000 to his ailing IT business.

Tony’s arrogance is not surprising but humiliating a friend who has ever helped him is a human attitude of ingratitude. In looking for excuses to chicken out after being challenged to a debate on the Penang Undersea Tunnel project with Datuk Eric, Tony gave reasons that Eric is a ‘nobody’.

As far as the debate is concerned, when Tony lacking in his guts to even deal with a nobody, what more when facing 1MDB CEO Mr Arul Kanda, it is evident that Tony has only a craze for attention but will be spineless to face off his contender at any level.

Tony Pua in his arrogance has conveniently forgotten that DAP is supposed to be a democratic party that carries out the CAT principles. DAP has been demanding transparency from BN’s governance but with Tony backing down even before the battle, not only illustrating DAP as a real coward, they have no interest in responding to rakyat’s interests to seek the truth.

Now the Penang undersea tunnel project is a talk of the town that both DAP and BN are sticking at each other’s tongues. Hence, when Eric as BN Strategic Communications Deputy Director dared Tony to a debate on the subject, why would Tony avoid and resort to name calling? Is this not a party-to-party challenge from BN to DAP?

If that is the case, in the future should there be any challenges from DAP to any of our Ministers, Deputy Ministers or the Prime Minister, Tony has already set a mark to dismiss the calls. Whenever the table is turned around, not only DAP will chicken out, they are fond to resort to excuses and name calling.

It is not Tony Pua’s first time to get away from an open debate. Should Pakatan Harapan is still interested in taking over Putrajaya, they must first change the attitude marked by Tony Pua. Face whoever your opponents are and not what the Malays would call them as ‘Jaguh Kampung’ who will only crow from their own ring.

Even though Rafizi had earlier challenged Eric to debate on the nation’s economic development and tax collection by the Inland Revenue Board has not taken place, this should be Rafizi’s best opportunity for both parties. All Eric requested is for Rafizi to convince Tony Pua not to be afraid to face Eric and both Pakatan MP will be able to be on the same stage at once.

If this also Rafizi fails, it seems that the Pakatan Harapan leaders are actually a bunch of cowards and more significant when they have too much to hide from the truth.

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