The Selangor Armada’s effort to collect more than 30,000 online signatures since its launch a few days ago to protest the beer festival has led to DAP silence to any single comment but constantly plotting BN’s offenses and in particular UMNO and MCA. Does this not indicate that DAP practices double standards when dealing with an issue?

Although PPBM is DAP’s new political ally, the new party who has the least strength but due to the recent closeness between Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir, yet Armada have turned them crippled. Since they are not able to tamper with Dr Mahathir openly, Siti Kassim was employed to hit on Armada and their Chief.

But all of them have strayed away from the actual reason and reacted for the wrong purposes on why this annual beer festival should be denied. The decision by the Police and Local Authorities to invalidate several venues was clearly stated that it is for safety reasons and not for religion or culture grounds.

As we read Armada Selangor’s petition who applies in the name of Islam to inhibit this non-Islamic activity, it will definitely lead to conflict between the races. The same goes for DAP and their cohorts’ statements filled up with negative sentiments against Islam and Malay culture. All of which are meant to fuel up religion and racial friction which eventually ended up with the nation disunity.

This “Beer Festival” from Germany is not even applicable to Islam. It is far from what used to be the dispute over the use of the word Allah in the Malay Bible or the implementation of Islamization in the government. This festival is a non-Islamic agenda and they should be allowed to run within the scope of the law.

Should the Police and Local Authorities require the “Beer Festival” organiser to hold the program in a closed and guarded area whereas Muslims are disallowed in whatever capacity, there shall be no issue. The question is, whether the organiser would respect and abide by these conditions?

Inciting racism for “beer festival” does not benefit anyone, including the people and the country. At times when all the government fairness and openness are ultimately blown away by certain quarters with malice intentions, situation are easily manipulated and eventually sparks controversies whereas it could be avoided and unnecessary.

Malaysia as a country that allows religious and other cultural practices, the government or any political party should not be seen inhibiting non-Muslim activities. As such, as long as it does not taint and disrupt the position of Islam as the religion of the Federation, they are granted with all the freedom to practice their religion and culture without any hassle and constraints.

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