Out of the blue, Dr Mahathir’s party youth wing leader or better known ‘Armada’, Syed Saddiq claimed in his press conference with tears welling, is considering the fate of his political future. Ironically, the PC was held soon after Raja Petra revealed in his piece how Kit Siang practices the doctrine of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”.

UMNO is the main enemy of Kit Siang’s political and DAP politics. This is significant because UMNO is the force to Barisan Nasional and therefore, anyone who opposes UMNO despite their political ideology and the individual who has been an archenemy for decades, he will not hesitate to work together.

This is evident when Kit Siang and DAP are willing to accept PAS which is clearly against their anti-Islam struggle and allowing themselves to be under the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim who is known to be an ultra Malay. Today, as Dr Mahathir is in the same ring, and all his sins are not only forgiven, but Kit Siang and DAP moved on a fairly large scale and aggressively portraying Dr Mahathir as their newborn saint.

Whatever Dr Mahathir said or did today, not only that Kit Siang did not object but he has given his unwavering support even if he has to swallow his own accumulated slandering words for the past 30 over years. For that, we not only feel weird but wonder how a man of principle such as Kit Siang is more than willing to trash them comfortably.

Raja Petra’s leak on the 1 billion goodies is now a talk of the town among Malaysians and in particular, DAP members in the grassroot and the same goes to Syed Saddiq’s press conference 5 million reward confession. When asked for hard evidence, Syed Saddiq challenged the provider to come forward while Kit Siang with his usual defensive tactic is to threaten with legal action against Raja Petra and his Malaysia Today portal.

Syed Saddiq failed terribly to produce any evidence and worst still Kit Siang have no guts to challenge Raja Petra to publish hard evidence if ever he has received the three-quarter billion deal from Dr Mahathir. Even with Kit Siang’s threat to sue the portal and the writer, everyone knew it shall be too possible since both are not operating in Malaysia. Perhaps Kit Siang’s lawyers will have to work harder and fly abroad.

While we can consider Syed Saddiq’s confession as a whining boy asking for more lollipops, when his actual task to gain youth support has evidently failed
as all local universities rejected the opposition team in the respective campus election, Kit Siang’s 1 billion goodies from Dr Mahathir is thus far more real. The deadly question would be why Kit Siang failed to challenge RPK to produce evidence?

Here is the clue. RPK claimed that it is the same whistleblower who provided the statutory declaration on Muhyiddin’s affair with his Chinese girlfriend and soon after he denied them, it was published. Perhaps after studying well what had happened to Muhyiddin, instead Kit Siang could only afford to threat RPK and Malaysia Today with a legal suit only.

Either Syed Saddiq’s confession is a coincidental episode, it was never so but a mutual tactic by Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir to sway from the 1 billion goodies exposure that Malaysians would instead focus more on the silly drama. All we need now, Kit Siang and Dr Mahathir should hold a press conference to deny them.

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