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Being Lim Guan Eng, he once blamed the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) for flash floods in Penang. He has also blamed a day heavy downpour as if it is months raining that ended up Penang to flood. After all the excuses, it is the media turn to face the blames and indeed whoever he considers did reportings against his wishes, will be regarded as the Barisan Nasional’s mouthpiece.

He accused that these pro-BN media has given a false impression of the massive flood recently and have not reported the flood situation plaguing other neighbouring states in which to Guan Eng they are far more worse than Penang.

Fumed by the reporting, Guan Eng deliberately refused to answer a journalist question when he anticipated that he will be facing with false questions. In fact, all local media have reported flood situation in Melaka and Negeri Sembilan after the devastating floods in Penang and Kedah.

It turned out that Guan Eng’s antics are now a laughing stock among the journos and yet he admitted whatever reported by media is the actual severe situation where many have suffered from either property or vehicle damages. Should the Penangites are not severely affected, why would Guan Eng provide the RM400 token to them and why would he blame the media reporting?

Indeed, on last September 15, it was widespread in the social media of images and videos of the flood situation and the suffering of the victims including many cars trapped, mudslides covering those cars and senior citizens in old folks home lying on “water beds” waiting to be rescued. even one person lost her life in an accident due to the floods. Are these images and videos from reporters or from Penangites themselves?

The fact is, Penangites have lost patience when they have to face frequent devastating flood in the island and this time around, 5 more districts are affected that communication was cut off when the island was almost sinking. When they are determined, their lives are threatened, they have no choice but to share the real happenings, hence without delay, they uploaded and shared images and videos to friends and peers.

Those are real-time reporting from the ground. News reporting will not be instantly published unless it is live-telecasted and news from media will only be aired or published after a few hours or perhaps the next day.

Should Guan Eng is angry, it should be tossed on Penangnites who have shared pictures and videos on the social media and not the so-called pro-BN journalists. Or with the images and videos dissemination, is Guan Eng panicking when Penangites will start to demand promises made by DAP that they are capable to resolve the flood problems even without any aid from the federal government? In fact, even after allocations granted by the federal government, nothing has improved and where have the money gone to?

Perhaps Guan Eng can refuse to answer questions from a pro-BN journalist, but will he be able to abstain from answering questions from Penangites?




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