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The most awaited official meeting between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and elected President Donald Trump have been the pride of the nation hence turned Dr Mahathir into a green-eyed monster that recently he had to write a specific article on his blog comparing his meets with President Ronald Reagen and President Bush. It is very unfortunate for Dr Mahathir that Malaysians recollect better memories and hence he is reminded of his past.

It is indeed hilarious that some would regard those comparisons by Dr Mahathir as childish. Unfortunately, in his eagerness to show off that he has received far more privileges than what PM Najib Razak has received, Malaysians took him to down memory lane and not forgetting the Skyhawk scandal or better known as ‘The Flying Coffins’ in those days, which used to be the talk of the town and the ultimate outcome of his visit to White House.

Just Google search about the Skyhawks, which is found to be surprising to Malaysians not only these jet fighters are scrap metals but almost half of the total purchases are still parked in the California desert. Out of 80, Dr Mahathir’s government paid but only 35 were delivered and yet a few dropped from the sky, one went missing over the South China Sea and the balance were turned into spare parts when they could not be used any longer.

What is even more surprising is that the balance (55 jets) parked in the California desert, they were never brought back. The Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) had managed to trace the balance but it is hence shocking when they no longer legally owned by the government. That is the reason when there are RMAF senior officers teased that Dr Mahathir’s greatness did not limit to purchasing scrap metals but he is also capable of disappearing them to resolve the case.

Next, Dr Mahathir touched on his visit to the White House to meet President Bush. But apparently, he skipped elaborating on the privileges received. He only commented on his so-called ‘friend’ referring to late Tan Sri Megat Junid’s son Megat Fairouz’s exposure on the million ringgit paid to a lobbyist for the meet. As always, Dr Mahathir denied them as written on his blog as follows;

11. “Megat Junid’s son, Megat Fairouz said I paid millions to lobbyist to meet America President. This is supposedly told by his late father Megat Junid.”

12. “I am not sure if it was true or otherwise. Perhaps officers from Wisma who have arranged my visit would know better. All that I can confirm is there is no such instruction from me to lobby. It is ok, my friend’s son needs to survive.”

Today, it does not take the next 24 hours or another year to expose or prove Dr Mahathir’s lies. Within a few hours, Malaysians found something intriguing that was reported by TheStar on Tuesday, 21 Feb 2006 titled “Fee paid to meet Bush”. The report introduction was even written as such;

“Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admits that “somebody “paid a lobby fee – purportedly US $ 1.2mil (RM4.56mil) – to arrange his meeting with United States president George W. Bush in 2002. “

Hence, who is best to be bestowed as a compulsive liar now?

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