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Should Azmin Ali’s visit to the Republic of China received criticism and quipped by the rakyat, he deserved them. Nevertheless, it seems Azmin admits that PM Najib’s bilateral relations with China are no doubt a great success that he had no choice but to follow his tread.

Hence all the allegations and accusations of Pakatan Harapan, particularly Dr Mahathir’s that PM Najib have sold the country’s sovereignty to China and are capable of eating away Malaysian’s rice bowl, they are all wrong and thereby highlighting their hypocritical attitude which without a doubt, they are merely envious.

This is what Dr Mahathir said in January this year at an indoor stadium in Shah Alam for PPBM first gathering; “Our heritage is being sold, our grandchildren won’t have anything in the future”. In fact, he has blogged several times and spoken to the media about his concern that Mr Najib is allowing mainland Chinese companies to the country’s demography changes when they bought vast swathes of land in Johor.

Hence, when Azmin is begging for investments from China, will Mahathir speaks the same tune? Definitely ‘NO’.

Significant differences between PM Najib’s and Azmin’s visit to China are, PM Najib’s mission was to conclude several agreements worth hundreds of billion whereas Azmin is still at the stage of lobbying for investments and yet nothing much can be lauded except to post pictures on his Twitter account.

Not only PM Najib has gone a hundred steps ahead Azmin, several agreements are now taking places such as Jack Ma’s Alibaba and Malaysia’s Digital-Free Trade Zone is already intact in Kuala Lumpur, China’s Geely inked deal to buy stake in Malaysia’s ailing Proton and definitely the ECRL project described by PM Najib as a “game changer” and “mindset changer” for Malaysia to boost the east coast of the peninsula economy.

Worst still when Azmin tried to steal thunder from others and in particular the federal government led by Barisan Nasional. Lauding himself as though he is the hero that Selangor will be the centre of attraction for China investments.

Azmin should be reminded that those foreign investors will only be keen to throw their money in Selangor, not due to his administration policies but the facilities provided by Barisan Nasional federal government in Selangor such as international airports, highways, ports and the light rail transit railways.

Foreign investment opportunities in Selangor is indeed encouraging but due to Azmin’s weak and almost dysfunctional administration, it is said that almost 700 investment opportunities are at stake. It is Azmin’s stubborn attitude, too much focus on politicising matters and lacking to be a far-sighted leader that Selangor water reserves left with only 2 percent when the Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant initiated by the federal government was rejected by Azmin.

Hence, when there are combined-efforts pledged by the three BN former Menteri Besar from Tan Sri Muhamad Muhamad Taib, Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar and Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo to ensure BN would replace the opposition bloc, it is not just an advantage to the political survival but the grand plan will serve better opportunity for the locals in Selangor.

Even after replacing Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Selangor is nowhere to show any progress and nothing that Azmin has brought improvements except that he and his allies from DAP, PAS, PPBM and PAN are too busy manoeuvring the infighting among them. Therefore, the 3 former Menteri Besar comeback is not only an eye-opener to the rakyat as they had enough of Azmin’s and his allies’ monkey business like what the Malays would say as … “Cakap tak serupa bikin, Bikin tak serupa cakap!”





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