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In his fervour Rafizi to meet the challenges of various parties either from his own circle or his detractors, to prove his transparency in spending Invoke RM2.7 million funds which are partly from public collections amounting to RM857,000, he has recently published dozens of strands of evidence in Invoke website.

Not only his peers in PKR has questioned him publicly, his rival from Barisan Nasional has further doubts and produced questions that Rafizi is demanded to provide straightforward answers and not attempting to mislead them. Yet, in Rafizi’s reply, indeed he has failed whereby 5 crucial questions were deliberately ignored.

Among the questions posed earlier by Datuk Rizal Mansor that were unanswered are;

Full details regarding the public donations and who are these donors?; Details of the volunteer service subscription collections amounting to RM1.063 million. Who are these volunteers and how many subscribed to this service?; Proof that he has invested his ASB and Tabung Haji into Invoke as capital. He has failed to show on such transactions; Invoke rented office throughout the country and are they not operating in PKR branch premises?; the final question is, Invoke’s full-time employees with an average of RM1100 per month. Are their EPF and Socso contributed?

Datuk Rizal pointed out that in condemning the minimum wage in Malaysia is still at the lowest level and at the same time they will have to grapple with the rising cost of living, surprisingly, Rafizi is only paying his staff which may also include university graduates to as low as the labour workers.

While awaiting for Rafizi detailed clarification, another interesting encounter raised by Datuk Rizal Mansor. In his brief reply on 24 September to the 5th question, he wrote that; “Invoke employees signed a contract with a company called KEIP Resources Sdn Bhd. KEIP Resources Sdn Bhd signed an agreement to supply manpower in accordance with Invoke requirements from time to time. Personnel contracts are finalized as such taking into account labour laws and other matters “.

After all the published documents from Rafizi showing transactions from Invoke to KEIP done from March until September 2017, something fishy about it is discovered. Who owns KEIP Resources Sdn Bhd?

KEIP registered address is in Temerloh. However, based on the EPF and Socso payment slip shown by Rafizi confirmed that KEIP Resources operates from a nearby or adjacent to Invoke office. It is also made known that KEIP Resources does not undertake any business activity to supply workforce or matters relevant to what was earlier claimed by Rafizi.

According to ROC, KEIP Resources Sdn Bhd major shareholder is Mohd Rafizi bin Ramli who holds 10,050 paid-up shares whereas in Invoke Solutions Sdn Bhd, once again Rafizi’s name appears as the major shareholder with RM250,000 worth of shares. What can we understand from this?

It is clear that Rafizi’s owned KEIP Resources Sdn Bhd supply manpower to another of his company in Invoke Solutions Sdn Bhd. This is where Datuk Rizal Mansor called as Rafizi paying to Rafizi where KEIP is his as the supplier and Invoke Solutions Sdn Bhd is also his acting as the client. Hence, the million ringgit collections from the public and in particular his supporters and sympathisers eventually ended up to Rafizi’s own pocket.

Perhaps, as an accountant, this is what Rafizi may consider them as smart accounting but alas, he is duped in his ploy and even worst, they are now exposed.

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